IT WANTS BLOOD! (2019) Reviews and overview of satirical monster mania

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It Wants Blood! is a 2019 American satirical horror film about two giant monsters who are forced to battle head to head.

Written, directed by and starring James Balsamo (14 Ghosts; Bite School and sequel; Mind Melters and sequel; Space Aliens & UFOs; Killer Waves and sequel; The Litch).

The Acid Bath Productions movie also stars Eric Roberts, Bill Victor Arucan, Ola Ray, Steve Railsback, Felissa Rose, Tuesday Knight, Brinke Stevens, Eileen Dietz and Elissa Dowling.

Two giant monsters are forced to battle head to screaming head on the political circuit as they run against each other for a seat as a senator. But the unsuspecting public doesn’t realize there are actually creatures that each running mate owns, feasting on helpless, big-breasted, quivering-lipped women and charity-thieving priests. The perils of politics never involved two enormous behemoths fighting to the death… until now!


” …this one is overflowing with bloody practical and stop-motion effects. The kills are gruesome and slightly funny with some great looking practical effects. Overall, It Want’s Blood! would have been a solid 3 out of 5 if some of the movie was cut to make the story more fluid. It’s still worth a watch for the monster mayhem but this is a long one with a lot of filler scenes.” Horror Society

“There are continuity issues (the sound changes within a single scene, for example), the acting is often questionable, and the writing is just plain silly. But here is the thing, and it is an important one, if you’re looking to just enjoy yourself and escape from the sh*tshow that is current politics, sit right down, and have a blast.” Indie Horror Films

” …this movie might not be at the top of its game as it’s more of a sequence of monster scenes, campaign ads, news footage, Eric Roberts being his sinister best, and James Balsamo bumbling about […] But structure or not, all these elements are already enough to make this film loads of fun…” Search My Trash

The monsters, when we see them, are fairly well done for such a low budget film. Realized with a mix of somewhat crude stop motion and puppetry they’re distinctly different looking […] It Wants Blood! Is fitfully amusing, and probably would have seemed even funnier under the influence. But I wasn’t and it felt overlong by at least fifteen minutes and not nearly as funny as it could have been.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:
James Balsamo … Phil
Eric Roberts … Senator Du Sang
Bill Victor Arucan … Bruno Bastine III
Ola Ray … Madame Du Sang
Amy Dumas … Delilah Bastine
Mikaela Moody … Julie Du Sang
Steve Railsback … Victor Du Sang
Felissa Rose … Tammy
Troy Fromin … Congressmen Denny Hurt
Christopher Ott … Grim
Al Burke … Ralph Spector
Auzi Capri … Ralph
Courtney Johnston … Whiplash
Ash Khan … Travis (as Ash Tholpady)
Tuesday Knight … Carol Fletcher
Hunter Wayne … Ben Du Sang
Meosha Bean … Jenna
Caleb Emerson … Alan Farkus
Kara Flowers … Zilizojisokota
Brinke Stevens … Lydia
Timothy Beal … The Iceman
Eileen Dietz … Melva Broadstone
Elissa Dowling … Mrs Vanderpool
Amechi Okocha … Mchawi Daktari
Pamela Rivers … Meryl Stret
RRob Fury … Damu Daktari
Mark Hoadley … Tommy The Cat
Frank Mullen … Blythe Irons
Rob Mulligan … Mitch


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