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‘You are what you eat. You are dead meat’

Buzzard Hollow Beef is a 2017 American horror film directed by Joshua M. Johnson, who co-wrote the film with Tara C. Hall. The movie stars Scott C. Brown (Dead West; The Hollow One), Gabriel Caste and Janet Chiarabaglio.

Still reeling from her divorce and struggling as the single mother of a nine-month-old, Jordan Vollmer looks forward to a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend with her family and her best friend, Paige.

As the group ventures into the small town of Buzzard Hollow, they are greeted with strange and unsavoury characters, known around these parts as the Solomon family.

Their suspicions surrounding the Solomons are aroused by the fact that they all seem unwilling to talk about the beef that they serve in their hamburgers and sell in their butcher shop.

When the Vollmers experience terrifying hallucinations, they begin to suspect that the Solomons are somehow involved…

Buzzard Hollow Beef was released via VOD platforms such as Amazon Prime from November 21, 2017.


“The directing and cinematography are excellent. The camera movements and placements were outstanding, especially for the scenes involving characters being in drug-induced conditions. It reminded me of some of the wild scenes and camera tricks used in the Evil Dead series […] When there is gore, it’s impressive.” The Movie Sleuth

“The film has solidly done visuals, a very strong cast, good dialogue, an odd but refreshing soundtrack and very firm direction. It starts off as one thing, slowly becomes another, but in the end, it gives a very satisfying conclusion […] this film stands out from an often boneless pack.” Movieweb

” …a film that really takes its time to build up its story, and there’s very little action or even creepiness in the first half of the movie […] but once the horror aspects do set in, the whole thing becomes a proper mindf*ck…” Mike Haberfelner, Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

Scott C. Brown … Sheriff Lloyd
Gabriel Caste … Joel
Janet Chiarabaglio … Barbara
Jay Wesley Cochran … Ned Solomon (Spaceship Terror)
Will Frazier … Garrett Solomon
Bridget Irish … Diane (Waitress)
Bruce Jennings … Will
Nadia Kamil … Paige
Gordon Leftenant … Doctor Simmons
Emily Letts … Jordan
Clayton Michael … Tim
Sam Miller … Darrell Solomon
Doug Perkins … Bob
Rainer … Zac Vollmer
Luke Severeid … Cody Solomon


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