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‘They should’ve read the sign’

No Visitors is a 2015 American comedic horror film about a suburban family with a taste for human flesh and some organ harvesting on the side. Also known as No Solicitors

Written, produced and directed by John Callas (Lone Wolf), the Death By Solicitation production stars Eric Roberts, Beverly Randolph, Kim Poirier, Jason Maxim, Joshua Benton and Serein Wu.


Lewis Cutterman (Eric Roberts) is a well-respected brain surgeon and happily married with two beautiful children who run the family business. They are model citizens within the community.

A simple visit to their home by a solicitor is greeted by an invitation to dinner; except dinner takes a macabre turn when the solicitor finds himself drugged by the family. Waking up, the solicitor soon discovers they will be slowly eaten piece by piece and that the kid’s family business is to farm out their internal organs to needy patients…


No Solicitors is certainly not a film without faults, but its negligible imperfections were in no way enough to diminish its positive features, which really kept viewers glued to the screen and enjoying each and every ridiculous minute of it. The dialogue was shallow, facile, and filled with some of the most simplistic sarcasm, witless banter, and punny foolishness ever…” Cryptic Rock

No Solicitors could have turned out a number of different ways, the concept of making door-to-door solicitors was certainly appealing. It works pretty well as a dark comedy, basically satirizing both the “perfect family” image and the “go-getter” attitudes of many people who work in sales.” DVD Talk

” …this one is going for campy gory laughs in the vein of H.G. Lewis. It doesn’t quite capture the right tone, but it’s mildly entertaining silliness mixed with nastiness […] Cue the gory surgery, cringe-worthy preparation of body parts, including eyeball-snacks and finger-licking treats…” The Worldwide Celluloid Massacre

Cast and characters (first billed):

Melanie Buttarazzi … Terrified Woman
Eric Roberts … Lewis Cutterman
Vernon Wells … Sam Nortel
Robin Ritter … Crying Woman
Joshua Benton … Ralph Suarez
Serein Wu … Julie Davenport
Del Howison … Doctor Esposito
Maria Luna … Wife #1
Adam Silverstein … Husband #1
Marv Blauvelt … Delivery Man
Jason Maxim … Scott Cutterman
Kim Poirier … Nicole Cutterman
Beverly Randolph … Rachel Cutterman
Teddy Saunders … William
Ken Sagoes … Marvin
Lucy Walsh … Mindy
Susan Lanier … Nurse Helen (as Suze Lanier Bramlett)
Sunshine Manderbach Johnson … Nurse Mary Jane (as Sunshine Johnson)
Justin Beahm … Doctor Bedard
Joan Murray … Wife #2
Devin Reeve … Husband #2
Blake Heron … Molester
Mike J. Putnam … Uniformed Cop
Timothy Muskatell … Coroner
Felissa Rose … Priscilla
Deron Miller … Jack
Rebecca Whitman … Mrs Rogers
Melanie Kwiatkowski … Jewelry Store Owner
Brian Fortuna … Jean
Stefany Stern … Hooker (as Stefany Northcutt)
Robin Ignico … Burglar
Morgan Scott … Mayor’s Niece

Filming locations:

Central City Stages, Los Angeles, California, USA

Technical details:

99 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD


Full film free to watch online:

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