TERROR EYES (2020) Reviews and overview of dark web pranks horror

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Terror Eyes is a 2020 American horror film about three young people who are victims of a dark web pranks-based website.

Written and directed by Delaney Bishop (Robyn Hoodie). The Bishop Takes Queen production stars Jennifer Blanc-Biehn (Sorry I Killed You; Havenhurst; The Girl; Among Friends), Robert Romanus, Lisseth Chavez (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Arlene Santana, Ayla Kell (Snakehead Swamp) and Riker Lynch.


Whilst on a road trip to Palm Springs, Danny (Riker Lynch), Lisa (Ayla Kell), and Rebecca (Lisseth Chavez) are continually harassed by strangers and discover they have become victims of a pranks-based website called Terror Eyes…


“Despite Terror Eyes’ plot and several deaths, there are almost no effects in it. The camera cuts away before the violence occurs and about all we get are splashes of CGI blood. There is a fairly good disfigured face effect but it’s barely seen and not until late in the film. And it was way too little way too late to save Terror Eyes from giving me a case of sleepy eyes.” Voices from the Balcony


Writer-director Delaney Bishop has commented: “Terror Eyes is a story about actions having consequences. With networks of toxicity accessible to anyone online, delusion trumps civility. Stories on devices replace civil interaction. And attempting to mimic the actions of internet trolls in real life can result in tragedy.”


Indican Pictures will release Terror Eyes On-Demand in the USA on June 8th 2021.

Cast and characters:

Jennifer Blanc-Biehn … Marion (as Jennifer Blanc)
Robert Romanus … Horschel
Lisseth Chavez … Rebecca
Arlene Santana … Darlene
Ayla Kell … Lisa
Riker Lynch … Danny
Mariano ‘Big Dawg’ Mendoza … Tour bus driver (as Mariano Mendoza)
Matt Perfetuo … Mike
Bobby Reed … Ranger Richard
Sitara Falcon … Ranger Nick P
Barnett O’Hara … Joey
Alex Miller … Bryan
Matthew Holcomb … Shane
Aidan Harman … Young Shane
Alex Hooper … DJ Jason

Working title:



Not to be confused with slasher whodunit Night School (1980) which was released as Terror Eyes in some territories.


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