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Blood Red Sky is a 2021 American-German action horror film about a vampiric young woman forced to deal with terrorists.

Directed by Peter Thorwarth from a screenplay co-written with Stefan Holtz. The Rat Pack Filmproduktion-Sirena Film co-production stars Peri Baumeister, Graham McTavish, Dominic Purcell, Roland Møller and Alexander Scheer.

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A young mother named Nadja (Peri Baumeister) is travelling on an overnight flight with her son. She is forced to embrace the supernatural powers she has been trying to suppress when the plane is hijacked and embroiled in an international conspiracy…

Blood-Red-Sky-movie-film-action-horror-2021-Peri Baumeister-vampire-terrorist-Netflix


“There are a bunch of fun vampire kills, a few great character moments, and some fun over the top performances. It may take a little too long to get rolling, and it may miss a few opportunities, but if the idea of vampires vs hijackers on a plane seems fun to you, then there is still something here for you to enjoy.” Awesome Friday

Blood Red Sky defies expectations by opting for a far more complex journey than the plot suggests. It delivers on its concept, bringing the entertainment by way of big spectacle thrills. But by handling its character development and vampire lore with care, Blood Red Sky is a surprisingly savage little gem that sticks with you.” Bloody Disgusting

” …Blood Red Sky turns into one of the more “human” vampire movies out there because it’s really about a single mother fighting against forces trying to turn her into a monster. Peri Baumeister is good as Nadja, but Carl Koch is even better as her son Elias. The bond between a movie mother and child hasn’t been this strong or this emotionally moving since The Babadook. I’m not sure anyone expected Blood Red Sky to have such a heart-wrenching hook hiding at the center of blood, bullets, and bad guys.” Culture Crypt

“As it is, Blood Red Sky is a perfectly fine horror action film, bathed in blood and accentuated with explosions. It won’t surprise you, but it’ll keep you entertained for most of its runtime.” Edge Media Network

“Not really that bad, thanks to the idea at the heart of it, Blood Red Sky just doesn’t manage to feel like the fun action-horror it could be. That should have been easy enough, especially when you see the moments that it gets right, but it just falls short of the mark. Above average, but this easily could have been good/great.” For It Is Man’s Number

“The ending, which should be hard-hitting, is just bleak and depressing […] So much potential is present in Blood Red Sky that I wish the script and characters had been given calculated attention. In the harsh light of day, Blood Red Sky is bound to burst into flames under the flimsy weight of its minor successes.” Josh at the Movies

” …Blood Red Sky is much less a film about plot and more about the heartbreak that comes when loved ones can no longer hide a devastating secret from each other. Though not always as nail-biting as it could be, Blood Red Sky gives us the action, gore and vampire antics that we crave, but more than anything, this is an effective family drama that goes for the jugular.” Killer Horror Critic

“It’s heartbreaking in its conclusion, but every single moment leading up to its conclusion feels earned. The same can be said with every twist and obstacle Thorwarth and Holtz throw into the story. That coupled with the committed performances from the film’s cast and the vampiric portrayal onscreen, I honestly can’t recommend this enough.” Nightmarish Conjurings

“The other thing I loved about Blood Red Sky was the blood, gore, and mayhem. I mean, one would expect all three when vampires are involved but you never know and it was delectable. The special effects were also phenomenal and I loved all the details that went into creating the creatures. They reminded me of the ones from 30 Days of Night, but with their own unique details.” Pop Horror

Blood Red Sky is a welcome blood-red treat, a proper horrific vampire story whose supernatural protagonists are more in line with the savage beasts of 30 Days of Night than the lovey-dovey saps of the Twilight saga. Strap yourself in; Blood Red Sky is bloody good fun and it successfully puts vampires back on the horror map where they belong.” Starburst

” …as an action-adventure this could have been a bit of an action sub-genre classic. Alas, whilst entertaining it is overly long (it needs at least 30 minutes cutting from the run time), with poor pacing choices including the backstory exposition, which leads to more questions than answers, and missing exposition that might have been more pertinent.” Taliesin Meets the Vampires

Blood Red Sky is a transatlantic terror that blends action, excitement, and unexpected sweetness into what sounds like any Saturday night SYFY headliner. Peri Baumeister is a phenomenal vampire mommy who shines just as brightly as Carl Anton Koch’s supportive adolescent hero […] and there’s more than meets the eye between berserker rage and post-9/11 commentary.” What to Watch

Release date:

Blood Red Sky will premiere on Netflix on July 23rd 2021 during ‘Geeked Week’.

Cast and characters:

Peri Baumeister … Nadja
Graham McTavish … Colonel Alan Drummond
Dominic Purcell … Berg
Roland Møller … Karl
Alexander Scheer … Eightball
Chidi Ajufo … Curtiz
Sinead Phelps
Rebecca Dyson-Smith … Sergeant Karen Brown
Jim High … Medic 2
Leonie Brill … Julia
Gordon Brown … Bill Morris
Roy McCrerey … Doctor Halvorsen
Kais Setti … Farid
Kai Ivo Baulitz … Bastian Buchner
Jamie Marshall … Italian Passenger

Filming locations:

Czech Republic

Technical details:

121 minutes (!)

Promotional titles:

Blood Air
Transatlantic 473

Teaser trailer:

Ending explained:

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