BLOOD RED SKY (2021) Preview of vampire vs. terrorists movie soon on Netlfix


Blood-Red-Sky-movie-film-action-horror-2021-Peri Baumeister-vampire-terrorist

Blood Red Sky is a 2021 American-German action horror film about a vampiric young woman forced to deal with terrorists.

Directed by Peter Thorwarth from a screenplay co-written with Stefan Holtz. The Rat Pack Filmproduktion-Sirena Film co-production stars Peri Baumeister, Graham McTavish, Dominic Purcell, Roland Møller, and Alexander Scheer.


A young mother named Nadja (Peri Baumeister) is travelling on an overnight flight with her son. She is forced to embrace the supernatural powers she has been trying to suppress when the plane is hijacked and embroiled in an international conspiracy…

Blood-Red-Sky-movie-film-action-horror-2021-Peri Baumeister-vampire-terrorist-Netflix

Release date:

Blood Red Sky will premiere on Netflix on July 23rd 2021 during ‘Geeked Week’.

Cast and characters:

Peri Baumeister … Nadja
Graham McTavish … Colonel Alan Drummond
Dominic Purcell … Berg
Roland Møller … Karl
Alexander Scheer … Eightball
Chidi Ajufo … Curtiz
Sinead Phelps
Rebecca Dyson-Smith … Sergeant Karen Brown
Jim High … Medic 2
Leonie Brill … Julia
Gordon Brown … Bill Morris
Roy McCrerey … Doctor Halvorsen
Kais Setti … Farid
Kai Ivo Baulitz … Bastian Buchner
Jamie Marshall … Italian Passenger

Filming locations:

Czech Republic

Promotional titles:

Blood Air
Transatlantic 473

Teaser trailer: