AUDITION (2021) Preview of found-footage horror


‘See terror for real’

Audition is a 2021 American found-footage horror film about a “director” who filmed young women in 2009 to star in his reality movie. The disturbing footage was recently found, over a decade later. The killer has never been caught.

Directed by Erick Huff and Joshua Paul based on a story by Erick Huff. The Heart Sleeve Productions-Eclectik Vision co-production stars Alexandra Dreyfus, Aurora Becerra and Isabelle Culpepper.


Audition is a reality film made with footage from 2009 recently found in a mannequin warehouse in Dallas, Texas. Audition was made with permission and in cooperation with the victims’ families – in order to serve as a warning to other young women about meeting people online or on apps — especially if they have something you want or need.

We follow several young wanna-be starlets auditioning for a “director” from the killer’s perspective. The “actors” auditioning for the parts do become stars… just not in the way they originally hoped or wanted.”


Audition is available to watch online via Vimeo

Filming locations:

Dallas, Texas, USA

Technical details:

83 minutes

Working title:

Audition: Found Footage Film


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