THE SPORE (2021) Preview of mutant fungus sci-fi horror


‘It wants to consume us all’

The Spore is a 2021 American science fiction horror film about a mutated fungus that is killing everyone in a small town.

Written and directed by D.M. Cunningham (3 Demons). Produced by D.M. Cunningham, Keith Golinski and Brian Hillard. The Night Prowler Video production stars Jeannie Jefferies (Attack of the Killer Chickens: The Movie; Midnight 2; Dawn of the Dead 1978), Haley Helsip, Peter Tell, Jackson Ezinga, Jovonnah Nicholson and Justin Golinsky.


The lives of ten strangers intersect through a terrifying chain of events as a mutating fungus begins to spread through a small town wiping out everyone that comes into contact with it.

Release date:

The Spore will be released in the USA by Grindstone/Lionsgate in November 2021.

Cast and characters:

Peter Tell … Israel
Jeannie Jefferies … Vera
Haley Heslip … Serena
Brian Hillard … CDC Agent J. Reader
Jackson Ezinga … Thomas
Zoe Cunningham
Jovonnah Nicholson … Meadow
Justin Golinsky … Lowell