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‘Innocence dies. They don’t.’

Blood Immortal is a 2019 American horror film about three generations of vampire women, their environment and economic situations. Originally titled Love Immortal, the movie is also known as Blood Legacy.

Written and directed by Robert Joseph Butler with additional dialogue by Alexis Irvine, the Nu Wave Films production stars Aphrodite Nikolovski, Richard Tyson, Jordan Trovillion and Erika Hoveland.


“The period piece portion of this movie was my favorite, so well made. I think the marketing is unfavorable to the movie though and does it a discredit. If you look at the cover it’s going to make you think you’re about to watch a cheap vampire sci fi original flick but this movie is far from that. It’s epic in scope and is a smart movie.” Charlie Ours

” …Butler manages to deal in serious issues but blends his concerns beautifully into the dialogue (even the economics lectures seem to flow along with the story). Brainy and bleak, Blood Immortal is closer to something like Jim Jarmusch’s Only Lovers Left Alive than it is to sexy, romantic, or action-packed vampire stories that tend to rule the box office. But certain creatures of the night will find much to admire.” Combustible Celluloid

“With economic/political themes hidden beneath the supernatural genre, this film, at a runtime of over 1.5 hours, is not for the smooth brained. Check this film out if you like period pieces, vampires, blood and gore, and politics.” Jake Fidler

“The past scenes are promising and gripping, and I quite enjoyed the acting by Richard Tyson […] The majority of the scenes in the present take place in an economics class, and they display the growing relationship between Fiona and her professor, played by Erika Hoveland (Before I Wake 2016). I simply did not understand why the inclusion of their relationship was pertinent to the storyline.” Pop Horror

“There isn’t high action or high horror with Blood Immortal, it does however achieve something quite unique, using the horror elements as a springboard and an excuse to be able to logically chart different periods of American human society, and with the way this year has gone it feels strangely timely.” The Rotting Zombie


The movie premiered as Love Immortal at the Anthem Film Festival on 19th July 2019.


Full film – free to watch online:

Cast and characters:
Aphrodite Nikolovski … Josephine
Richard Tyson … Mr Duncan
Jordan Trovillion … Fiona
Erika Hoveland … Professor Patricia Williams
Julie Kline … Eliza
Tevis R. Marcum … The Mayor
Phillip Shaun DeVone … Deon
Christine Marie … Ammi
Nick Sarelli … Nate
Chevonne Wilson … Victoria
Scott Norman … Roger Campbell
Whitney Wagner … Lindsey
William C. Fox … Executioner
Calhoun Koenig … Maggie
Wendel Millstead … Red

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