EYE WITHOUT A FACE (2021) Preview of webcam serial killer flick



‘Alt. Shift. Homicide.’

Eye Without a Face is a 2021 American horror-thriller film in which a young man hacks webcams and suspects he has found a serial killer.

Written, produced and directed by Ramin Niami (Somewhere in the City; Babe’s & Rickey’s Inn; Shirin in Love), the Sideshow production stars Dakota Shapiro, Luke Cook (Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), Vlada Verevko (Beauty and the Beast) and Rebecca Berg.



Henry, an agoraphobic young man, lives with Eric, a Youtuber and struggling actor, hacks the webcams of young women and begins to suspect that one of them, Laura is a serial killer.

Henry, an agoraphobic and anxious young man living in Los Angeles, hacks into the webcams of various selected young women who inhabit the city. He watches over them in their daily lives, seeing himself as their guardian angel.


When his new charming roommate Eric, a Youtuber and struggling actor pushes him to get out into the real world, he unknowingly puts Henry in danger. And as Henry starts to suspect one of the women he watches, Laura, of being a killer, everything starts to spiral out of control…



Writer-director Ramin Niami: “Nowadays, we are constantly being watched. On the radio, I heard about a female college student who found nude photos of herself on the Internet. The FBI discovered that her webcam was hacked and that a fellow college student had taken these images when she was changing in her college dorm room in revenge because she had rejected him for a date. This story inspired me to create a modern Rear Window.”

Release date:

Eye Without A Face will be available On Demand and Digital on August 10, 2021, from Gravitas Ventures.

Cast and characters:

Dakota Shapiro … Henry
Luke Cook … Eric
Vlada Verevko … Laura
Rebecca Berg … Linnea
Ashley Elyse Rogers … Tessa
Evangeline Neuhart … Sky
Benedikt Sebastian … Rob
Sarah Marie … Ella
Patrick Zeller … Greg
Spencer Trinwith … David
Danielle Hope Abrom … Tiffany
Katharina Baron … Eve
Jullian Champenois … French Man (voice)
Monica Cho … Alexandra
Leticia Contreras … Policewoman
Shekaya Sky McCarthy … Kira
Justine Miranda … Girl on Eric’s Phone
John Ousley … Jean
Rhys Raiskin … Mike
Sharareh Shahbazi … Mina
Nestor Tapia … Policeman 1
Alexandra Sarah Truman … Ann
Garret Williams … Garret

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California, USA