OUIJA JAPAN (2021) Reviews and overview



‘Housewife Battle Royal: No Husbands, No Kids, No Chores, Killer Weekend!’

Ouija Japan is a 2021 Japanese action horror film about an American housewife who unwittingly unleashes an ancient evil power

Written and directed by Masaya Katou, making his feature debut. Co-produced by Wilco C. Rullens (Tokyo Stay Home Massacre) and Katie Hao Rong. The Tokyo Bay Films Entertainment production stars Ariel Sekiya, Miharu Chiba and Eigi Kodaka.


Karen (Ariel Sekiya) is an American housewife living in Japan who desperately wants to fit in with her Japanese community, until peer pressure forces her to play the Kokkuri-san (the Japanese Ouija) with the other housewives, unwittingly disrespecting a local deity, who sets them up to fight each other in a deadly battle royal.

A mysterious app gets installed on their phones to aid them in their battle. It offers the women tools to fight each other, which they buy with credits. But they better be careful with their spending because when the credits run out, it’s game over…



Ouija Japan will be available on October 19, 2021, on Amazon Prime Video and on Blu-ray from Leomark Studios and TokyoShock Japan.


Ouija Japan is an intense, strong female-led action/horror film, which combines two very popular horror elements; the game of Ouija, and the Japanese game of death, making it the ultimate in survival horror.

Directed by the passionate fresh new talented Japanese filmmaker Masaya Katou, this movie not only provides the thrilling excitement of action survival horror but also shows the intimacy of strong female friendships and rivalry.

Step into our lead’s shoes and discover the Japanese Ouija, how it differs, what it does, and experience the fear of not knowing what’s in store for you every step of the way. Play the “Kokkuri-san” and summon the Fox Mask Demon.”

Cast and characters:

Ariel Sekiya … Karen Fujimoto
Miharu Chiba … Satsuki Murakami
Eigi Kodaka … Akiyo Yoshiwara

Technical details:

78 minutes

Aspect ratio: 2.39: 1



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