CHICKEN’S BLOOD (2019) Review of clown horror



Chicken’s Blood is a 2019 American horror film about a group of friends caught up in a battle between a drugs gang and a psycho clown. Also known as Chickens Blood

Produced and directed by Korey Jordan – making his feature debut – from a screenplay co-written with Chuck Conry (director of Screwdriver; The Ballad of the WormsDoor 1 of the 5 Doors to HellMorbid), based on Jordan’s story.


While travelling the rural backroads to a match, a struggling wrestler and his friends break down in a corrupt town run by a band of ruthless drug dealers. They soon find themselves caught in the middle of a vicious blood feud between the brutal gang and a psychotic, axe-wielding clown…


“This is a movie full of bloody kills, solid performances, some good laughs, a little bit of shock and gore, and some damn fine cinematography. While it definitely looks and feels like a low budget film, the movie shines. No bullsh*t, Chickens Blood is one of the best if not the best low budget indie films I have seen in a long time.” TN Horror News


Cast and characters:

Donald Farmer … Clerk
Chuck Conry … John
Ethan Bouldin … Sheriff Jim Clayton
Blaine Gilliam … Lisa
Buffy Davis … Allison
Bj Floyd … Dilly
Skylar Thomas … Headphone guy
Kelly Carver … Stacey
Mikey Anderson … Creek
Khloe Kalpurnia Jordan … Dog
Kane Gilliam … Flint
Olden Jackson … Marcus
Ryan Grooms … Pete
Chase Thomas … Bishop
Chris Thomas … Diggs
Patricia Patillo … Dead nurse


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