A SAVAGE NATURE (2020) Reviews and overview of home invasion thriller



‘A hot August night. A brutal home invasion. One survivor.’

A Savage Nature is a 2020 American thriller about a troubled couple battling brutal home invaders. As the night unfolds, loyalties shift, secrets spill, and lives shatter.

Directed by Paul Awad from a screenplay co-written with costume designer Kathryn O’Sullivan. The Thurston Productions movie stars Joseph Carlson, Rayanne Gonzales, Jon Hudson Odom, Steve Polites, Frank Riley III and Joanna Whicker.



” …subtlety is matched in the direction and the script, which both let the story unfold very organically, never forcing any plot points and never signposting any of the twists and turns. Instead, pulling the rug from under the audience, actually offering viewers true surprises […] Refreshing.” Nerdly

A Savage Nature, in keeping with its title, does explode into effective bursts of violence from time to time but these are kept brief and the emphasis is firmly on building tension or adding another brain twisting layer to the plot […] A slick, efficient, well-written thriller with a slew of savvy performances […] delivers its pared-down, keyed up goods with aplomb.” The Strange Colour of Deej’s Reviews


“I will not go into any more details here so not to ruin the film for those waiting to see it but make no mistake this is a thriller you won’t soon forget about. Once the action starts in doesn’t let up until the credits begin to roll. Also, there is one twist after another all the way to the end.” Video Views

Cast and characters:

Joseph Carlson … J.B. Perkins
Rayanne Gonzales … Ally
Jon Hudson Odom … Doug Valentine
Steve Polites … Pete Walker
Frank Riley III … Walt Armentrout
Joanna Whicker … Beth Walker