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‘If she’s still here, then it won’t be quiet, not for you, not for anyone.’

Ghost of Goodnight Lane is a 2014 American comedic horror film about the staff of a renovated film studio that find a co-worker dead. The pieces of a forty year puzzle add up to an angry ghost who has let the last person step inside her house. But will they ever get out alive?

Produced, directed and co-edited by Alin Bijan from a screenplay co-written with Amy Acosta. The movie stars Billy Zane, Lacey Chabert, Matt Dallas, Danielle Harris, Richard Tyson and Christine Quinn.


” …one moment it’s a haunted house movie, the next more of a classic ghost story while the other it’s more of a gory slasher instead […] Not an entirely terrible genre movie and actually quite watchable at parts but overall I still can’t really recommend this movie to anyone, mainly because of its unfocused and unbalanced story and approach to it.” Boba_Fett1138

Ghost of Goodnight Lane is barely frightening, and the scenes that try their hardest to be scary are often gobbled by CGI enhancements biting off more than they should.  But with no small thanks to Billy Zane, who contributes an effort on par with the one he put into Demon Night, a spirited cast takes modest material and finds clever ways to pull out entertainment through creative characterization.” Culture Crypt

“At least we get a different set of stereotypes here besides the usual jocks, nerds, and camp counsellors (although there’s no shortage of bimbos and horndogs), and the whole thing just kind of ambles along in an agreeable way until some quite watchable mayhem perks up the second half.  And with Billy Zane seemingly enjoying his time spent filming Ghost of Goodnight Lane, we get to see him actually invest part of his talent into his performance…” HK and Cult Film News

” …this is a quirky little movie that is fun to watch. It is a suitable choice as a popcorn flick, especially if you watch it with several fellow horror film buffs. Obviously, the cast and crew of this movie did not take this movie seriously during its production, but it does appear they had a lot of fun on this project. You take your cue from this and just go into watching this film with no other expectations that an hour and a half or so of entertainment.” Home Theater Info


Ghost of Goodnight Lane is about as much of a guilty pleasure as a horror movie gets for us, and even though we knew better, we just couldn’t help but be sucked in by its simple charms. If you’re going to rent/buy this one, just do so with the knowledge that it’s not an issue-free movie. If you go into Goodnight Lane expecting nothing but 90 minutes of harmless fun, you’ll come out of it just fine.” The Horror Club

“The practical effects were clearly limited by the budget, but the production team and makeup folk did a good job with what they had. Ghost of Goodnight Lane is a bit of an enigma. It feels like a film that just shouldn’t work, yet for some strange reason it does. It’s a lot of fun and very entertaining.” Influx magazine

” …Ghost of Goodnight Lane ends up a frustrating movie as the basic idea whilst not new is a good one. But the final product is inconsistent and that causes it too many issues especially when it comes to knowing if it wants to be a horror with humour or a comedy with a horror flare.” The Movie Scene

” …it’s a schlocky-horror that really does grow on you, albeit with an ill-defined tone which occasionally borders on parody. It’s Zane’s film – even above performances from Danielle Harris and Lacey Chabert ; his dry wit and ironic tones suit the film to the tee, and he seems to revel in the idiocy of it all. It gets a little CGI-heavy during the final third, but there’s some inventive on-screen kills…” The Schlock Pit

“It’s definitely amusing throughout–director and co-writer Bijan inexplicably throws on a terrible epilogue thing–and the constant joking really helps it. Most of the scenes play like a horror movie spoof, only one where the movie doesn’t take the time to laugh at itself […] It moves. But then there are also these lame insert shots of the haunted house with bad CG ominous weather.” The Stop Button


Cast and characters:

Billy Zane … Alan
Lacey Chabert … Dani
Matt Dallas … Ben
Danielle Harris … Chloe
Richard Tyson … Ron
Christine Quinn … Laurel Mattews (as Christine Bently Quinn)
Allyn Carrell … Thelma
Jennifer Korbin … Michelle (as Jennifer Corbin)
Brina Palencia … Micah
Adam Whittington … Johnny
Lynn Andrews III … Amin
Sophia Arias … Carly
John Franklin … Nico
Alisha Revel … Jeanie
Tina Ryker … Susan
Sara Bijan … Sophia
David ‘Shark’ Fralick … Charles Manson
Timothy Drummond … Detective Bradley
Ricardo Campbell … Officer Keaton
Ed Spila … George Evans
Alin Bijan … Mr Kardashi / Ghost Sounds
Mojan Safavi … Mr Kardashi’s Partner
Erin Wilkerson … Happy Yellow
Taylor Kowald … Daisy
Melissa Cordero … Rio
Taylor Tippins … Victoria Ashman
Lily Bijan … Emily (as LilyRose Bijan)
Vicente Moctezuma … Detective Ramirez
Erin Marie Garrett … Anchorwoman
Heather Palacio … Rachael
June Weber … Ron’s Mother
Tony Weber … Ron’s Dad
Natalie Noe … Ron’s Sister
Ron D. Thornton … Co-Worker (as Ron Thornton)
Larkin Lindner … Cameraman

Filming locations:

Dallas, Texas

Technical details:

96 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

Alternate titles:

The Haunting of Goodnight Lane


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