LA EXORCISTA (2022) Preview of Adrían García Bogliano’s next horror



La Exorcista is a 2022 Mexican horror film about a nun that performs an exorcism on a pregnant woman which turns out to be unsuccessful. Unfortunately, the evil returns.

Directed by Spanish filmmaker Adrían García Bogliano (Come Play with Me; Black CircleScherzo Diabolico; Late Phases; Here Comes the DevilPenumbra) from a screenplay co-written with Christian Cueva and Ricardo Farias. Co-produced by Pablo Guisa Koestinger and Laura Veytia.

The BTF Media-Morbido Group co-production stars María Evoli (We Are the Flesh), Pilar Santacruz, Salvador Sánchez, Ramón Medína, Julio Bracho and Norma Lazareno (Even the Wind is Afraid).


Ofelia (María Evoli) is a young nun who recently arrived in the town of San Ramón, where she is forced to perform an exorcism on a pregnant woman.

The possession looks like it’s ended – until Ofelia discovers that the evil presence is trying to return to the victim’s body. She will have to risk it all to prevent this from happening, even if this means exposing her weaknesses to the forces of evil and putting her own life at risk…


Executive producer Pablo Guisa Koestinger commented: “Our film has a premise that contains an element that is rarely exploited and that breaks traditional genre conventions, for it focuses on a woman as the exorcist and not only as the possessed.”


Currently filming in Mexico City.

Cast and characters:

María Evoli … Hermana Ofelia
Pilar Santacruz … Sandra
Salvador Sánchez … Señor Ramirez
Ramón Medína … Fabian
Julio Bracho … Padre Victor
Norma Lazareno … Señora Ramirez
Tina Romero … Julia
Juan Carlos Colombo … Padre Rebordinos
Pablo Guisa Koestinger … David
Roberto Duarte … Doctor Coria
Camila Núñez … Mercedes
Alfredo Huereca … Padrastro

Source: Variety