TRIAPHILIA (2021) Reviews and overview of horror anthology

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‘There’s a reason bad things come in threes’
Triaphilia is a 2021 American horror anthology film involving three tales linked by the proprietor of an antique store.

Written and directed by Joshua Nelson (Psycho-Therapy; Pandora’s Nightmares). The LAS Productions movie stars Vincent Caprio, Jenn Nobile, Esra Ozgun, Chelsea Rose Barreto, Mary Zaroura, Ashley Laessig, Kenny Ledee, Julia Wyrzuc, Saniye Reyhan, Rink Patel, Daniela Favaloro, Tony Murphy and Kurt Slater.

Triaphilia: A fear that terrible things come in threes. In a small store filled with antiques and curiosities called The Anointed Cherub, a charming proprietor convinces customers to purchase the items he feels are perfect for them…

However, what the shoppers don’t know is that each item comes with a horrible consequence. Triaphilia tells the story of three items that destroy the lives of the people that purchase them…


” …this might sound fun but it’s woefully cheap and, for the most part, fairly poorly acted (I counted at least two line fluffs). It’s 69 minutes in length and around eight of those are credits, but at least the portmanteau format provides some variety to what’s on-screen. The random quotes from ‘fantastic’ writers may want to add some class to the proceedings, but they really just pile on extra scrappiness…” Bloody Flicks

“The anthology features some well-thought-out stories, but the cast fails to bring the characters to life in a believable fashion, so much of the action feels passive. Still, the style and ideas work well enough for the whole thing to be fairly engaging. Plus, the last segment is very intriguing and intense, meaning despite its issues, this is just above average.” Film Threat

“Overall, Triaphilia is a fun and entertaining horror anthology that is nice and neat in a tight package. The camera work and cast is great and the stories work so well together. Sadly, it doesn’t offer up anything that really sticks with you. It’s a film you will not remember when it’s all said and done but it’s fun while you are watching it.” Horror Society

” …a fun horror anthology, and while it’s not a movie that breaks new ground storywise, it still feels very fresh as it tells its segments in a light-hearted way, often throwing some humour into the mix, and focuses on character rather than spectacle to keep things interesting at all times.” Search My Trash


“The budget’s limited but Joshua Nelson can still tell his stories. They were made for cheap and written that way. The acting quality is intermittent, the dialogue is fluent, and the chemistry works for all character groups. The casting’s compelling and diverse.” Tales of Terror

“Nelson wisely made sure each of Triaphilia’s segments gets its share of effects as well. There’s nothing overly elaborate, but Tina Megan’s demon makeup is solid and there’s blood and effects in all three segments […] An overall well-done anthology that’s worth an hour of your time…” Voices from the Balcony


Cast and characters:
Chelsea Rose Barreto … Zoe
Vincent Caprio … Tony
Daniela Favaloro … Voice of Franklin
Suzanne Johnson … Heather
Ashley Laessig … Bonnie
Kenny Ledee … The Wicked One
Tony Murphy … Pizza Guy
Jenn Nobile … Susan
Esra Ozgun … Martha
Rink Patel … Sal
Katie Raulerson … Karen
Saniye Reyhan … Ronnie
Kurt Slater … Naughty John
Julia Wyrzuc … Jeanine
Mary Zaroura … Ruby

Technical details:
70 minutes

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