PSYCHO-THERAPY (2019) Reviews and overview


‘Helping people… one way or another’

Psycho-Therapy aka Psycho Therapy is a 2019 American horror feature film about a therapist under tremendous pressure who snaps and takes her vengeance out on her patients.

Written and directed by Joshua Nelson (writer of Skinned Alive, 2008), the movie stars Tom Scorzone, Ashley Laessig, Lucas Tremper and Carrie Plumley.


“The low budget comes to the fore with the conclusion, as a few of the deaths come across as unconvincing, however, it is always entertaining. With a few more adventurous shots from director Joshua Nelson, Psycho-Therapy would have got an extra star but as it stands this is a humorous movie with a cast and crew who’s work seems to suggest that they were all thoroughly enjoying themselves.” Screen Critix

“Despite Psycho-Therapy‘s dark theme, this is actually a wickedly funny movie, thanks first and foremost to a really fun screenplay that gets the most out of the situations the characters are thrown in without milking them for cheap laughs…” Search My Trash

Cast and characters:

  • Tom Scorzone … Benny
  • Ashley Laessig … Amanda
  • Lucas Tremper … Mark
  • Carrie Plumley … Sara
  • Suzanne Johnson … Victoria
  • Vincent Caprio … Frank
  • Mary Zaroura … Ryann
  • Laurel Kornfeld … Katrina
  • Saniye Reyhan … Tiffany
  • Kenny Ledee … Antonio / Bobito
  • Laura Capparelli … Vanessa
  • Chelsea Rose Barreto … Rebecca (as Chelsea Rose)
  • Rink Patel … Clark

Filming locations:

  • Chicago, Illinois
  • New Jersey

Technical details:

72 minutes


Psycho-Therapy premiered at the Northeast Film Festival Horror Fest on December 4, 2019.

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