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‘Pray you don’t cross her’

Lady Usher is a 2020 American psychological thriller film about a young woman whose visit to a family uncovers some dark secrets.

Produced, directed and edited by George Adams (Emerald, Texas), loosely based on Edgar Allan Poe‘s 1839 short story ‘The Fall of the House of Usher‘.

The movie stars Theresa Santiago, Billie D. Merritt, John Tupy, John Ferguson, Michael Gibbons and Allyson Cristofaro.


Taking a break from his studies, Roderick (John Tupy) returns to his family home to assist his mother, Lady Usher (Theresa Santiago), with his ailing father (John Ferguson). Roderick’s girlfriend Morgan (Billie D. Merritt) wants to join him, but he is against the idea.


However, Morgan decides to visit Roderick’s family anyway. Unfortunately, she becomes immediately aware that her presence is not welcome with Lady Usher being forthright in her negative attitude. A battle of wills over who should have more influence over Roderick ensues while chilling family secrets are revealed…


“The direction and story structure are pitch-perfect. The cast all deliver dynamic and engaging performances, even when their chemistry is not quite as good as it needs to be to sell every turn. Combine that with the themes and the gangbuster ending, and it all adds up to a movie that demands you watch it.” Film Threat

Lady Usher is a quirky, unsettling independent horror film that gets under viewers’ skin and goes to places that more-mainstream fright fare usually doesn’t — not in the gore and jump scare department, but in a discomfiting, eldritch manner. Macabre isn’t a word often used to describe current horror fare, but it is perhaps the perfect word to describe this film.” Gruesome Magazine


“A somewhat slight affair but a stylishly made, eminently entertaining one which features a couple of knockout performances.” New Horror Express

“The film almost feels like a ”haunted house horror movie”, by having the heroine exploring a large, dark house that is filled with secrets and mysterious individuals. And Michael Gordon Shapiro’s suspenseful and creepy score certainly gives the film a spooky atmosphere. Additional recognition should be given to the costumes.” UK Film Review

“While some of the presentation can be uneven, the perils of low budget filmmaking, you won’t care because this film’s depravity just grabs you and yanks you along. Highly recommended for anyone who wants something off the beaten past.” Unseen Films

“Much of the film is set at night as Morgan explores the house, trying to understand what is going on. And despite Lady Usher’s source, that’s as close as it ever gets to being a conventional horror film […] Instead, it’s a horror of twisted minds and psyches. Adams creates an atmosphere of corruption rather than fear.” Voices from the Balcony


Indican Pictures has released Lady Usher On-Demand.

Cast and characters:

Theresa Santiago … Lady Usher
Billie D. Merritt … Morgan Segal
John Tupy … Roderick Usher
John Ferguson … Mr Usher
Michael Gibbons … Vincent Elerby
Allyson Cristofaro … Liz
Peter Anthony Seay … Driver and Gordon
Kim Titus … Doctor Phillips

Technical details:

79 minutes


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