G STORM (2021) Preview of Hong Kong action thriller sequel



G Storm is a 2021 Hong Kong-Chinese action-thriller film about an Immigration Department investigation and a Thai human trafficking ring.; it is a sequel to the 2019 film, P Storm.

Directed by David Lam Tak-Luk (L Storm; S Storm; Z Storm; Street Angels) from a screenplay co-written by Wong Ho-Wa, Ronald Chan Kin-Hung, Philip Lui Koon-Nam and Howard Yip Ming-Ho.

The Mandarin Films production stars Louis Koo Tin-Lok, Julian Cheung Chi-Lam, Kevin Cheng Ka-Wing, Jessica Hester Hsuan, Bosco Wong Chung-Chak, Rosyam Nor, Michael Tse Tin-Wah and Louis Cheung Kai-Chung


ICAC Investigator William Luk (Louis Koo) is looking into a case in the Immigration Department which links to a Thai human trafficking ring…


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Cast and characters:

Louis Koo as William Luk (陸志廉), principal investigator of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (Hong Kong) (ICAC).
Julian Cheung as Lau Po-keung (劉保強), chief inspector of the Joint Financial Intelligence Unit (JFIU)
Kevin Cheng as Kenny Ching (程德明), an ICAC investigator.
Jessica Hester Hsuan
Bosco Wong as Ching’s younger brother.
Rosyam Nor
Michael Tse as Tik Wai-kit (狄偉傑), a formerly corrupt inspector of the Customs and Excise Department (Hong Kong).
Louis Cheung
Anika Sheng as Tammy Tam (譚美莉), an ICAC officer and Luk’s subordinate.
Sienna Li
Monna Liu as Ding Rou (丁柔), an investigator of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate.
Dada Chan
Ding Haifeng as Hong Liang (洪亮), director of China’s Anti-Corruption Bureau.
Babyjohn Choi as Cel Siu (蕭光漢), an ICAC officer and Luk’s subordinate.
Toby Chan as Cindy Lee (李慧雅), inspector of JFIU and Lau’s subordinate.
Wilfred Lau
Deno Cheung as Wong Hoi-leung (黃海良), an ICAC officer and Luk’s subordinate.
Eddie Kwan as Yu Sir (余Sir), director of the investigation of the ICAC.

Original title:

G風暴 aka G风暴 aka G Fēng Bào aka G Fung Bou


Filming was paused beginning in January 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and did not resume until June 2020.


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