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‘Every second counts’
13 Minutes is a 2021 American disaster movie focused on four families trying to suddenly cope with a huge tornado.

Written and directed by Lindsay Gossling from a story co-written with Travis Farncombe.

The Elevated Films-Involving Pictures stars Trace Adkins, Thora Birch, Peter Facinelli, Anne Heche, Amy Smart, Sofia Vassilieva and Paz Vega.

Four families in a Heartland town are tested when a massive storm hits, giving them just 13 minutes to get to shelter before the largest tornado on record ravages the town completely, leaving them searching for their loved ones and fighting for their lives…


“I found it a bit disconcerting that people who had acted like complete and utter jerks throughout the movie turned heroic in the aftermath […] That just seems inconsistent to me. Still in all, this is surprisingly entertaining and the tornado and its aftermath are absolutely wonderful. I would recommend the movie highly just for those elements alone.” Cinema 365

” …it examines everyday actions and attitudes that dot the American landscape, leaving it up to viewers to determine what’s right and what’s wrong. And while there are a lot of characters to get to know in a short amount of time, they’re not underdeveloped; they do things and make decisions that some viewers may see as villainous and others might cheer on.” Common Sense Media

“The major tornado hits an hour into the film and with such force that it causes so much destruction. Too bad the film had no star power and the special effects and visuals of the tornado just blew by in a pedestrian way without impressing me.” Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews

13 minutes is a bit cheesy, a bit predictable, a bit sensationalised. On the other hand, if you like cheesy, sensational, predictable disasters, then you will probably enjoy it. I did.” Eye for Film

“The story, the people and their problems are all ultimately facile and the whole is as instantly forgettable as it is light to consume. And yet. It’s really not a bad film and one well suited to a slow Sunday afternoon when you just want to veg out.” Rating: C Film Blitz

13 Minutes isn’t your run-of-the-mill disaster movie, but also can’t decide how far it wants to spin these real-life issues to make it memorable. A more than agreeable yet forgettable drama.” Into: Screens

“There isn’t any payoff to 13 Minutes, in terms of either spectacle or drama. That might be the point, but if it is, that aim runs counter to the core of what most of this movie does for most of its story.” Mark Reviews Movies

“Whilst those looking for a traditional effects-filled natural disaster film, a la [probably] the most famous tornado movie Twister, will be disappointed; those looking for a story that focuses on people and how they deal with adversity (both caused by other people and the forthcoming tornado) will find themselves pleasantly surprised. After all, aren’t most of the truly great disaster movies really about that. People.” Nerdly

13 Minutes can be a scary movie, but it also provides messages about family devotion, commitment, self-awareness, courage, authenticity, sacrifice and love. If the plot’s excesses don’t deter you, the film has some great messages about public service and pulling together. This movie will give you plenty to talk about with your teens…” Parent Previews

“The film uses a tornado storm more as a backdrop and focuses on issues that are the real divide for these families in mid-western America […] A mediocre disaster film more focused on current social, economic, and discriminatory injustice but otherwise, a considerably decent film to watch.” Punch Drunk Critics

” …with the continuing emphasis on obvious and hopelessly less-than-subtle narrative threads compounded by the picture’s assortment of one-dimensional, far-from-sympathetic characters. Gossling’s didactic approach to her paint-by-numbers screenplay paves the way for a series of eye-rollingly obvious encounters and revelations.” Reel Film Reviews


In the US, Quiver Distribution will release 13 Minutes theatrically in select locations on October 29th 2021, then On-demand on November 19th.

In the UK, Signature Entertainment will release 13 Minutes on Digital platforms on 1st November.

Main cast and characters:

Thora Birch … Jess
Amy Smart … Kim
Anne Heche … Tammy
Paz Vega … Ana
Sofia Vassilieva … Maddy
Peter Facinelli … Brad
Laura Spencer … Vicky
Will Peltz … Luke
Trace Adkins … Rick
Yancey Arias … Carlos
Tokala Black Elk … Steve
Gabriel Jarret … Greg
Ginifer Ree … Tornado Aftermath Victim
Ginger Gilmartin … Salon Owner
Shaylee Mansfield … Peyton
Darryl Cox … Geologist
James Austin Kerr … Eric
Davi Santos … Daniel

Filming locations:

El Reno and Minco, Oklahoma

US trailer [1080p HD]:

UK trailer [1080p HD]:

Storm clip:

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