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The Trip is a 2021 darkly comedic home invasion action thriller film in which a dysfunctional couple heads to a remote cabin to ostensibly reconnect… but both have secret intentions to kill the other. However, before the pair can carry out their nefarious plans, unexpected visitors arrive and they are soon faced with greater danger.

Directed by Tommy Wirkola (What Happened to Monday; Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead; Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters; Dead Snow) from a screenplay co-written with Nick Ball and John Niven. Produced by Bente Maalen (line producer), Kjetil Omberg and Jørgen Storm Rosenberg.

The Norwegian 74 Entertainment production stars Noomi Rapace, Aksel Hennie, Atle Antonsen, Christian Rubeck and Andre Eriksen.


“Hennie and Rapace are both clearly having fun with these characters. Most of the big laughs come from them, and their chemistry when connecting is just as potent as it is acidic when they are fighting […] The Trip is a little too long and unevenly paced, but it’s also fun, funny, and gory and totally worth your time.” Awesome Friday

“This could have been a bit shorter, but with all the black comedy, the blood and the mayhem, I really have no reason to complain.” B&S About Movies

“Hennie and Rapace are simply delightful in their roles as the bickering protagonists, with each character delivering a hefty amount of passive-aggressive barbs to each other over the smallest things in order to twist the metaphorical knife where it hurts the most […] The Trip is a wild, zany ride that Wirkola and his cast are 100% committed to.” Bloody Disgusting


The Trip is far from great, and at its best, it’s barely good. But it inspires a few choking laughs, it’s challenging in its unpleasantness, and it’s likely to satisfy any iron stomachs who are up to the task.” Decider

“I’m not normally a fan of gross-out humor, which is too often witless and juvenile. And I’m not attracted to gore, which I find a bore. So why am I recommending Norway’s The Trip, which is loaded with gross-outs and gore? Because when done right it can be funny, and The Trip is a black comedy that made me LOL…” The Grouchy Editor

“Honestly, I was a little (okay, a lot) nervous when I saw the runtime was 1 hour and 53 minutes […] However, rest assured, there is plenty of storylines to fill that runtime. Especially since twists and turns with new characters are followed by flashbacks […] These scenes in particular offer some extremely funny (and often cringeworthy) moments!” Heaven of Horror

“In spite of being entertaining, the film offers nothing new that distinctly captures the notice of the audience. If one leaves aside the discrepancies and recoiling elements, it will be well-received by the viewers of Tommy Wirkola’s movies. But it is undeniable that The Trip, with its abundance of violence and bloodshed, is not a movie that suits everyone.” High on Films

” …it allows you to really get to see how much carnage and genre-blending can be found together in one film. A smooth interwoven storyline gives relevance to each character and adds even more to the experience […] Make sure you are on the lookout for this wildly entertaining black comedy!” Horror Movies Uncut


The Trip is one seriously wild ride, as flashbacks derail the central narrative only to swing back around and make sense of what is occurring in the present. It’s a smart trick that the script utilizes several times over […] The over-the-top super gory violence works wonders on the fun element; it is certainly a rare and special feat for a movie to hit its stride in the middle, but that’s exactly what happens here.” Josh at the Movies

“Naturally, with this kind of plot, initial comparisons will be made towards Mr & Mrs Smith. Both have troubled marriages, silly lines of dialogue, and the daft nature of story progression. The Trip, however, has a much darker undertone that surprisingly blends with the slapstick moments that occur throughout.” Ready Steady Cut

The Trip is a fun little horror/comedy that outstays its welcome long before the predictable ending. Like riding the same rollercoaster multiple times, the joy and exhilaration soon turns to uncomfortable impatience as you wait for the ride to end. That pretty much sums up The Trip, which comfortably tiptoes across a tightrope of ideas before buckling before the end of its bloated 110-minute run-time.” The Review Geek

” …frequently funny, often hilarious, always clever and smart, and dependent entirely on the superb performances by Rapace and Hennie, who make sure that their characters ring true in their actions and in their delivery of the stinging dialogue. Over it all, of course, is Tommy Wirkola, who conducts with his usual sure hand and an absurd sense of humor…” Screen Anarchy

” …the further along it got the crazier it got, until it was all out, balls to the wall crazy. And I kind of loved it for that. It wasn’t afraid to take it a bit too far. There are definitely some things that some people would find offensive, and this is definitely not a film for people who get squeamish at the sight of blood…” Trailer Trashed

The film was released in Norway on July 30 2021.

The Trip will be available for streaming on Netflix on October 15, 2021.

Technical details:
113 minutes

Original title:
I onde dager “In Bad Days”

Netflix trailer:

Norwegian trailer:

MOVIES and MANIA says:
Don’t be put off by the lengthy running time as once it gets going The Trip flies by! It’s genuinely amusing if you don’t mind some of the baser humour – politically correct types and sensitive souls take heed.

The OTT action provides a splatterific good time with excellent nuanced and physical performances from the whole cast (especially Noomi Rapace and Aksel Hennie). It also works equally well in the English dubbed version, if you find subtitles (with tons of expletives) off-putting. The best Netflix film for ages!

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