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The Hypnosis is a 2021 horror film about Jin-ho who lost his parents in an accident and is now receiving therapy to deal with his trauma.

Written and directed by Jae-Hoon Choi (The Swordsman).

The Korean movie stars Lee Da-wit aka David Lee (The Fortress; The Terror Live; Bloody Innocent), Nam Min-Woo, Yi-suk Seo, Ji-won Shin and Byung-ho Son.


Do-hyun (David Lee), is a dedicated English major who enjoys his college life. One day, Professor Yeo (Seo Yi-suk) asks Do hyun to help a newly transferred student who is undergoing psychological treatment. Through this, Do-hyun meets Professor Choi (Son Byung-ho) and undergoes hypnosis.

Since that day, Do-hyun and his friends keep experiencing strange things and they all feel to have been hypnotised as recollecting memories of Seung-min, who was with them at a nursing home when they were young but already dead. Who hypnotised them and why did the memories of Seung-min come back?



” …the reveal at the end isn’t all that unexpected. But predictability can be forgiven if the film had us emotionally invested. It’s odd that the same person who delivered the graceful The Swordsman would be so clumsy here […] Nevertheless, his aesthetic eye does grant some beautiful sets and lighting, but The Hypnosis needs a richer script to better drive its message and tragedy across.” Morgan Awyong


Released on March 24, 2021, in South Korea.



Alternate titles:

催魂频率 – Taiwan


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