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‘One small step for man, one giant battle for a woman.’

Moontrap: Target Earth is a 2017 science fiction film about a long-forgotten ancient spacecraft that is discovered on our planet. Investigations carried out by a young female scientist transport her to the moon whereupon she meets the impressive machines preserving the wisdom of that long lost civilization. The movie is a belated sequel to Moontrap (1989).

Directed by Robert Dyke (InAlienable; Timequest; Moontrap) from a screenplay co-written with Tex Ragsdale. Produced by Robert Dyke, Gary Jones, Mary Petryshyn and Marty Shea (line producer).


The movie stars Sarah Butler (All Light Will End; I Spit on Your Grave 2010), Damon Dayoub, Charles Shaughnessy, Jennifer Kincer, Chris Newman, D.B. Dickerson, Tarick Salmaci and Niki Spiridakos.


“Despite having a respectable cast for a none-budget film […] the none-budget rears its ugly head constantly from cheap green screen shots, low-level computer special effects, silted dialogue and short running time. It seems as if director Robert Dyke shot on the run, whenever he got enough money…” Blood Brothers


” …this movie is so poorly edited and shot that several things happen off-camera just so the plot can move forward. Everything else besides the plot is just as bad. The special effects are not as good as the original, and that came out almost 30 years before this one, which also had a small budget. The acting is terrible, the cinematography is awful, and the whole thing is just a slog to get through.” Cult Classic Corner

“Sadly, Moontrap: Target Earth isn’t even laughably bad, it’s just a tedious and unrelentingly dumb film with maybe an occasional snarky comment from Charles Shaughnessy that almost raises a chuckle, but there is nothing in the film’s brief run-time that could ever get me to recommend this to anyone — not even to fans of bad movies.” Mana Pop

“Structurally, the film is confusing. For the majority of its running time it’s like watching a fevered dream: the line between what is real, what is a dream and what is a message from the ancient race as seen in the mind of Scout, is forever moving; you never know what is an actual plot point and what is random, if strangely creepy (and sometimes erotic), imagery.” Nerdly

Cast and characters:

Sarah Butler … Scout
Damon Dayoub … Daniel Allen
Charles Shaughnessy … Richard Kontral
Jennifer Kincer … Nicole
Chris Newman … Carter
D.B. Dickerson … Eli
Tarick Salmaci … Garen
Niki Spiridakos … Mya
John Ager … Computer Tech
Loretta Higgins … Engineer
Christopher J. Courtney … Trucker
Cara AnnMarie … Waitress (Mary)

Filming locations:

Troy, Michigan

Technical details:

85 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

Trailer [1080p HD]:

Full film free to watch online:

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