THE BLACK BOOK (2021) Review of anthology horror



‘Oh… the stories it could tell’

The Black Book is a 2021 horror anthology film in which a collector of rare tomes finds the rumoured “Black Book”.  Hosted by Ari Lehman as The Bookseller.


Directed by:
Topher Chambers … (segment “Wrapper” “The Woods” “Give up the Ghost”)
Jim Dougherty … (segment “Ocularis”)
Steven Durgarn … (segment “Date Night”)
Joe Herbert … (segments “Man in the Mirror”, “Sorcerer’s Finger”)

Written by:
Topher Chambers … (segment) (segments “Wrapper”, “The Woods”, and “Date Night”)
Jim Dougherty … (segment) (segment “Ocularis”)
Joe Herbert … (segment) (segments “Man in the Mirror”, “Sorcerer’s Finger”)
Stuart Wahlin … (segment) (segment “Giving up the Ghost”)


Technical details:

74 minutes


The Black Book is very basic and amateurish. The wraparound has factual issues and the stories are uninspiring and unengaging with none that stand out. That said, the acting is better than in many films with such a low budget. Unfortunately, audio quality and production values are also weak.

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