LATE NIGHT RIDE Review of Singaporean horror anthology



‘You are never alone on a late night ride’
Late Night Ride is a 2021 Singaporean supernatural horror anthology with three inter-connected tales based around a haunted road.

Directed by Koh Chong Wu from a screenplay co-written with Link Sng. Produced by Gary Goh, Tham S T and Mak SeowWai.

The Clover Films-MM2 Entertainment co-production stars Lina Ng, Andie Chen, Bang Jun,  Jayley Woo,  Yap Hui Xin, Tasha Low Rachel Wong, Constance Lau, Estovan Reizo Cheah and Henry Thia.

Plot synopsis:
A group of social media influencers, led by Nat, decides to explore a haunted road and nearby cycling park, in an attempt to gain more viewers for their channel. Nat purposely breaks some taboos in the hopes of capturing paranormal activities and ends up being haunted. What will happen to her?

Jie lost his wife in a car accident and his son, Josh, has not spoken since. The father and son end up on a late-night bus ride where all dark secrets will be unveiled.

Min is a private hire driver who works day and night to earn money for her father’s medical bills. Sinister happenings started to occur when she is on the roads and she needs to figure out why before the situation gets out of control…




YouTube reviews:


In Singapore, the film was released on October 28, 2021.

Original title:
Kai ye che aka 开夜车

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