ANKLE BITERS (2021) Review and overview of comedy horror



‘Love is not what it looks like…’

Ankle Biters is a 2021 comedy horror film about four little girls who plot to murder a hockey player who has been making love to their mom; they mistake the couple’s carnal activities for an attack on their mom. Originally known as Cherrypicker

Written and directed by Bennet De Brabandere from a story co-written with Zion Forrest Lee.

The Canadian B Plus Films-Flax Films co-production stars Zion Forrest Lee, Marianthi Evans, Colin Mochrie and Matia Jackett.


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Ankle Biters was released online in Poland on September 25, 2021.

Main cast and characters:

Zion Forrest Lee … Sean Chase (as Zion Forest Lee)
Marianthi Evans … Laura Haywood
Colin Mochrie … Detective Morton
Matia Jackett … Matia Gaddis
Lily Gail Reid … Lily
Alex Gordon … Officer Angela Taylor
Heidi von Palleske … Talkshow Host
Ryan Long … Male Passerby
Michael Copeman … Mr Chase
Evert Houston … Louis
Dominique Brownes … Bartender
Peter Schoelier … Mortician
Jani Lauzon … Mrs Chase
Brendan J. Rowland … Hockey Player 2
Kelsey Klippenstein … Nail Tech 2
Tracey Beltrano … Reporter

Technical details:

91 minutes


Not to be confused with Ankle Biters (2002), written, directed by and starring Adam Minarovich.


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