MAKMUM 2 (2021) Preview of Indonesian horror sequel



Makmum 2 is a 2021 Indonesian supernatural horror film and a sequel to Makmum (2019).

Directed by Guntur Soeharjanto (Lampor: The Flying Coffin) from a screenplay written by Rafki Hidayat (Patriot Taruna: Virgo and The Sparkling; Kafir: A Deal with the Devil).

Produced by K.K. Dheeraj (Ghibah; Rasuk and Rasuk 2; #Malam Jumat: The Movie; Tembang Lingsir; Sakral; Baby Occult: Baby Tumbal Baby Die).

The Blue Water Films-Dee Company co-production stars Titi Kamal (as Rini), Dea Panendra, Samuel Rizal, Otig Pakis, Pritt Timothy and Jason Doulez Beunaya Bangun.


There are currently no plot details available for Makmum 2.

Filming locations:

Bogor, Indonesia

Technical details:

Audio: Dolby Surround 7.1
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

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Teaser trailer:

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