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‘This Pandora’s box can’t be closed!’
Monsters in the Closet is a 2021 anthology horror film about creatures that are resurrected when a dead author’s audiobook is played.

Directed by The Snygg Brothers, ie. Spencer Snygg and Zachary Winston Snygg [aka John Bacchus] (Beaster Day: Here Comes Peter Cottonhell; Bloodz vs. Wolvez; Zombiez; Vampiyaz; Mistress Frankenstein) from a screenplay co-written with Luke Couzens, Carmilla Crawford, Denyse Arlene Hollis.

The American Purgatory Blues production stars Shanna Bess, Valerie Bittner, Tom Cikoski, Camilla Crawford, John Paul Fedele, Jordan Flippo and Jasmin Flores.

When famous horror author Raymond Grant dies under mysterious circumstances, his daughter returns home to investigate his death. Jasmin discovers her father was using evil black magic to write his newest horror masterpiece.

When the author’s audiobook is played out loud monsters, zombies and terrifying beings spring from the undead pages to haunt the living…

The four vignettes are ‘Please Kill Me Again’, ‘Home Improvement’, ‘The One-Percenters’ and ‘Frankenstein’s Wife’.

Our view:
Monsters on the Closet is one of the absolute worst horror anthologies. All four tales are juvenile in conception, poorly acted and thoroughly unamusing. The wraparound isn’t much better. Painful to watch, Monsters on the Closet is one to avoid.

Other reviews:
” …not every element lands; with some dialogue that comes across cringe, and moments of violence that are just corny and lack a funny or horror appeal, there are several points where the vibe is just bland. When it comes to these issues, the film is somewhat of an endeavor to get through – though, when the funny bits return, they are welcomed.” Bloody Disgusting

“Like almost every anthology, not every tale in Monsters in the Closet works or is all that interesting. But, three of the four stories are good to great, and the wraparound is excellent. As such, this horror movie is sure to delight fans everywhere.” Film Threat [it should be noted filmmakers can pay that website to promote their movies]

Monsters in the Closet’s wraparound then ends the film on a note that feels like an attempt to spoof In the Mouth of Madness. It falls as flat as the rest of the film […] I’m fairly sure Monsters in the Closet was made up of shorts that were sitting around in a closet and spliced together much like Grave Intentions and Natasha Nighty’s Boudoir of Blood. It’s just nowhere near as good.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Monsters on the Closet will be released On-Demand on January 1st 2022.

Filming locations:
New York City, New York

Technical details:
89 minutes

$100,000 (estimated)



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