ALPHA RIFT (2021) Reviews of fantasy action flick



‘Do you believe in destiny?’

Alpha Rift is a 2021 fantasy action film about a young gamer who puts on an antique helmet and is transported into a new reality.

Written and directed by Dan Lantz (Bloodlust Zombies; Bloodrunners). Produced by Dan Lantz and Jodie Shultz.

The movie stars Aaron Dalla Villa, Lance Henriksen, Richel Nielsen, Philip N. Williams, Graham Wolfe, Allyson Malandra and Peter Patrikios.


Nolan Parthmore (Aaron Dalla Villa) was just a regular guy, hanging with friends, working his game store, flirting with his co-worker, then one day, destiny came calling. A courier delivers a mysterious antique helmet with no note or description. When Nolan puts it on, his whole world changes.

The helmet comes to life and calls out to an evil demon, Lord Dragsmere, who was imprisoned by Nolan’s deceased father. Nolan soon discovers he is next in the bloodline, heir to The Nobleman, destined to become a hero whether he wants to be or not. Since the Dark Ages, the Noblemen have been guardians against the thirteen Devil’s Apostles: dark forces escaped from hell and let loose upon on earth.

Generations later, it’s the heirs of these original knights that possess the power to open the Alpha Rift: the only defence against these supernatural foes.


“Williams and Henriksen are the best things in it. The acting is nothing to put on anybody’s demo reel, although the modest effects are OK, somewhat more convincing than the fight choreography. Alpha Rift is nonsense, and everybody involves knows it, which is a plus. I just wish it had been funnier and tighter. The intended laughs just aren’t there, not enough of them anyway.” Movie Nation

Main cast and characters:

Lance Henriksen … Corbin
Aaron Dalla Villa … Nolan Parthmore
Rachel Nielsen … Gabby
Philip N. Williams … Blades
Graham Wolfe … Vicars
Allyson Malandra … Kate
Peter Patrikios … Rilek
Chris James Boylan … Pavlov
Christopher Ullrich … Lewis
John Groody … Russell
Jack Hoffman … Gerard the Butler
Brooke Behmke … Fingers

Technical details:

94 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35:1


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