THE WILD MAN (2021) Review of Bigfoot movie with trailer



‘Some species are meant to go extinct’

The Wild Man is a 2021 horror film about three young aspiring journalists investigating a string of missing persons in a south Florida town.

One man believes they’re connected to The Wild Man, Florida’s notorious Bigfoot. Based on urban legend… is it fact or fiction?

Directed by Ryan Justice from a screenplay co-written by Sean Michael Gloria and Ian Longen.


The Justified Films/Entertainment production stars Lauren Crandall, Julian Green, Mike Reed, David E. McMahon, Michael Paré and Sean Michael Gloria.

“About the only things The Wild Man: Skunk Ape has going for it is the creature itself and leading actress Lauren Crandall. Her girl next door looks and her performance make Sarah likeable and sympathetic despite a lack of help from the script. Given his non-performance, the fact Paré is only on screen for a few minutes could be considered a plus…” Voices from the Balcony



The Wild Man premiered at Popcorn Frights Film Festival on August 16, 2021.

Cast and characters (in credits order):

Lauren Crandall … Sarah
Julian Green … Brandon
Mike Reed … Tim
David E. McMahon … Dale
Michael Paré … Captain Stryker
Sean Michael Gloria … X
Eric Henderson … Logan Johnson
Nicholas Denmon … Ronnie
Tom Parnell … Chief Turner
Wade Hunt Williams … Deputy Whitman
Tom Elgin … Mr Johnson
Jorge Diaz … PFC. Silverman
Arielle Fray … Cigarette Girl
Nishant Gogna … Doctor Peterson

Technical details:

Running time: 95 minutes

Working titles:

Skunk Ape
The Wild Man: Skunk Ape

The Florida Monster


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