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‘Two crews. One film. Lots of bullets.’
Nightshooters is a 2018 action comedy thriller about some filmmakers who have to fend off a violent horde of criminals who want them dead.

Written and directed by Marc Price (Dune Drifter; A Fistful of LeadZombies Next DoorColin).

The British Ascendant Films-Dead Pixel Productions-White Hot Productions movie stars Adam McNab, Nicky Evans, Rosanna Hoult, Jean-Paul Ly, Richard Sandling, Kaitlyn Riordan, Mica Proctor, Nicholas Aaron, Ben Shafik and Doug Allen.

A group of filmmakers find themselves on the run from a violent horde of criminals after accidentally witnessing and filming a brutal gangland execution in an adjacent building. Unable to flee the derelict building they have been shooting in, the hapless film crew must use their technical skill and cinematic knowledge to defend themselves.

The stunt man is a martial arts master, the special effects guru disregards safety and sets lethal traps, and the sound department strategically lay radio mics to detect when the hoodlums are on their way…

“You care for the characters too and really want them to escape from the villains who will stop at nothing to make sure there are no witnesses left alive. In terms of flaws, I think the low budget could put some viewers off but you would be missing out on one of the most entertaining action movies of the year. Overall, Nightshooters was a pleasant surprise with plenty of brutal action and dark humour…” The Action Elite

“The script is smart and funny, the acting is solid and some of the kills are ingeniously done. He’s aided by the action skills of Ly who impressed so much in Jimmy Henderson’s Jailbreak. His ability and that of his foe, turn Nightshooters into a winning hybrid of horror, martial arts and comedy.” Backseat Mafia

“Comedian Richard Sandling plays the leader of the gang, Tarker, and he was a great choice for the head honcho […] The rest of the supporting cast do a good job, as Nightshooters seems to have just one speed, which is forward. The film is full of action, never really a boring moment. Pure brainless entertainment.” BZ Film

“Laughter aside, characters you care about will surely add to the body count. The bright side to that is it adds to the sympathy and emotive drive that comes with rooting for a group of underdogs you would least expect to see live to see another day against a horde of killers, making Nightshooters worth every shot it takes.” Film Combat Syndicate

” …Nightshooters doesn’t rein in including shocking death scenes. There is enough here to satiate any action movie and there’s plenty of blood spatter included. Not to mention one particular fight scene resulting in a jaw-dropping kill that I would easily highlight as my creative film death of the year. Overall, Nightshooters is fresh, fast, and nail-bitingly good.” Mother of Movies


“It would be easy to say that Nightshooters is a UK version of The Raid. It would be easy, yes but it would also do a huge disservice to Marc Price’s superb genre-bending, genre-defying action-thriller, horror hybrid. For Price takes a variety of influences and combines them into a finished product that entertains from the get-go and thrills to the end. Oh, and it’s also ridiculously funny.” Nerdly

“The first hour or so of Nightshooters is a funny, verging on farcical, comedy and even when the action starts the comedy continues. The ineptitude of the henchmen and the various characters we have in the film crew all make for a more than watchable movie. Where things begin to come a little unstuck is when people start dying.” OC Movie Reviews

” …it is cleverly written so that most characters develop some depth as it goes on; we get to know them all and care about them, so when one of the heroes doesn’t survive an encounter, we can really feel for his mates and sympathise with their reactions… and cheer when the baddies suffer too. Many of the assaults are comical and original…” Ready Steady Cut

Nightshooters was plenty violent and plenty thrilling. The plot itself did become a little predictable, while the location of an derelict building meant there wasn’t a lot visually to marvel at. This was an enjoyable indie thriller that I found to be worth a watch even if it might not deliver an urge for repeat viewings.” The Rotting Zombie

” …this is a thoroughly entertaining, accomplished and unusual Brit crime-thriller, bursting with confidence (and blood, gunplay and gruesome deaths) and not afraid to break with the conventions of each of the genres it references.” Starburst

“Although played straight, gallows humor is abundant, most notably in film crew banter that becomes particularly trenchant when mutually employed as a coping mechanism. If the film crew is an agreeably credible bunch, the gangsters, unfortunately, oscillate between chillingly practical problem solving (the call sheet becomes a hit list) and downright imbecilic, depending on whether Price is mining laughs or menace.” V Cinema

Nightshooters is a great example of what a low budget action film can, and should be more often. Fast-paced, bloody and taking itself seriously enough that the audience cares about the characters while still having a sense of humour.” Voices from the Balcony

“Far too many scenes inevitably descend into arguments where the characters scream profanities at one another ad nauseam […] However, thanks mostly to the energy of the performances, Nightshooters manages to make these exchanges humorous. While the pacing could use some work, the visual effects are impressive, the gore gut-churning, and the fights so expertly executed that I caught myself gasping audibly…” Wylie Writes

Release date:
In North America, Nightshooters be released by Indiecan Entertainment on Digital HD and On-Demand on November 2, 2021.


Filming locations:
Denham, Uxbridge, England
Greenwich and Haggerston, London, England

Technical details:
100 minutes


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