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‘It runs in the family… he runs from it’
Portal Runner is a 2021 science fiction drama film about a teenage boy who is on the run from an evil entity through parallel worlds.

Directed by Cornelia Duryée (Language Arts; West of Redemption; The Dark Horse) from a screenplay co-written by J.D. Henning and Tallis Moore, based on a story by executive producer Henning. Produced by Larry Estes.

The Kairos Productions movie stars Elise Eberle, Sloane Morgan Siegel, Carol Roscoe, Brian S. Lewis, Matt Shimkus and Denny McAuliffe.

When fifteen-year-old Nolan (Sloane Morgan Siegel) discovers a secreted family legacy and a portal that enables him to travel to parallel worlds, it’s a young boy’s dream come true … until it becomes a nightmare when it becomes clear that he’s being pursued across the ages by an evil force.

When he becomes stranded on Christmas in an alternate timeline with his quirky family and a rebellious and petulant older sister he’s never met before, he realises Mae (Elise Eberle) may be the key to defeating his adversary and must enlist her help fast … before it’s too late for them all…

“It’s not exactly action-packed but you always have the sense that Nolan is being chased, there’s always the feeling that he’s on the run and that works extremely well. What helps with this is having a pretty cool-looking villain. Not particularly original – it’s basically a kind of burnt looking man all in black with a black hood – but it honestly looks good.” Nerdly

Portal Runner does a fairly good job of explaining how Nolan and his pursuer can travel across universe. As long as you don’t think about it too hard that is […] What it is about is family. Nolan wasn’t expecting to encounter his family for reasons the film does explain. Despite these serious themes, Portal Runner is actually a fun and fast-paced movie.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:
Portal Runner will be available on VOD and Digital on December 10th 2021 via Terror Films.


Choice dialogue:
Mae [Elise Eberle]: “Uncle Boon can have my pie!”

Technical details:
72 minutes

Working title:

Fun facts:
The soundtrack includes grunge/punk/space rock band Mudhoney’s song’Sweet Young Thing Ain’t Sweet No More’.

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