OBSCURA (2021) Preview of sci-fi action creature feature



‘Her sandbox. Her rules.’

Obscura is a 2021 science fiction action horror film about a CIA special ops team and a biker gang that have to fight an unknown creature.

Directed by Jerry G. Angelo (American Warfighter), Grant Janes, Joe Lujan (The Immortal Wars; Clown Motel II; Atelophobia and sequel; Rust and sequels) and Thomas Hennessy (second unit director) from a screenplay co-written by Angelo and Lachlan Jones.

Produced by Jerry G. Angelo, Justin Arbabi, David Beth, Grant Janes, Lachlan Jones, Angela Joseph, Joe Lonesome, Joe Lujan and Aubrey Trujillo.

The RokitPig-Carcass Studios-Fire Born Studios co-production stars Robert LaSardo, Eileen Dietz, Jonathan Camp, Tyler Gallant, Bill Victor Arucan, David Bianchi, Jerry G. Angelo and Adam Dorsey.


A CIA special operations team out on demolition manoeuvres is interrupted by the appearance of an outlaw biker gang. Both groups are interrupted by an unknown creature and must band together for revenge and survival…

Release date:

To be announced.


Cast and characters:

Robert LaSardo … Sangre
Eileen Dietz … Doctor Rachel Copperton
Jonathan Camp … Rabbit
Tyler Gallant … Apache
Bill Victor Arucan … Doctor Felix Negroni
David Bianchi … Johnny Tucker ‘Tucker’
Jerry G. Angelo … Sam ‘Wicked’ Burk
Adam Dorsey … Red Morrison ‘Chief’
G. Larry Butler
Ian Lauer … Ajax
Erik Bernard … Marlin
Chris Moss … Derek Laird ‘Cali’
Danielle Reierson … Doctor Krychen ‘Doc’
Aubrey Trujillo … LT Hodges (as Aubrey Trujillo-Scarr)
Leo Zaza … Obscura
Chris Kalhoon … Phoenix
Sephdok Ramone
Kristina Birk … Cinderella
David W. Bailey … Prospect
John Crickellas … Soldier #4
Zach Touchon … Jensen
David Robbins … 8-Ball
Lachlan Jones … Virgo
Jimmy Fowler … Gypsy
David Beth … Major Hoyer
Randy Hernandez … Granger
Sepehre Naficy
Ricky Sanchez … Mustang


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