THE FINAL HAUNT (2021) Preview of micro budget horror



The Final Haunt is a 2021 American horror film about young people stalked by an undead farmer whose deal with the Devil went wrong.

Written, directed, photographed and edited by David Mankey (Blood in the Dark; Dark October; Dark Shade Creek and two sequels). Produced by Mia Custer who also stars.

The Dark Shade Films production also stars Scott Tucker, Kyla Miller, Ashley Baer, Brandon Baer, Sue Brick, Maddy Buss, Jimmy Carr, Ed Figard, Laurel Foy, Kayla Graber, Heidi Gross, Abbigail Hair, Doug Huston, Mark Huston, Brie Kabina, Morgan Koziar, Sami Meyers, Ange Tucker, and John Ward.


It’s Halloween time in Oak Hollow and a new haunted attraction is opening up for the holiday. The crew works night and day getting the property ready for opening night and are warned of the land’s evil past.

Twenty-five years earlier, a farmer was burned alive when a deal with the Devil went horribly wrong and tonight he will pay a visit to all the trespassers on his homestead…


The Final Haunt will be released on DVD on November 14th 2021.

Filming locations:

Huston’s Haunted Hollow, 126 Woodland Rd #7420, Rockwood, Pennsylvania


$500 (estimated)


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