DEATH TO METAL (2019) Reviews and overview of comedy horror



‘He has died. He has risen. He will kill.’

Death to Metal is a 2019 American comedy horror film about a deranged priest who is transformed into a mutated killing machine – now he’s on a mission to wipe out the godless fans of heavy metal music!

Directed and co-produced by Tim Connery (Black Web; shorts: Statler’s Tapes; Quarter ’til Two) from a screenplay co-written with Kevin Koppes, based on Connery’s story.

The movie stars Alex Stein, Grace Melon, Andrew Jessop, Charlie Lind, Dan Flannery and Chelsea Byers.


“Undersold expressions and ham-fisted deliveries of dialogue will sometimes get the occasional chuckle out of the audience, but that doesn’t make up much for the strong lack of comedic air. However, if you can forgive those moments of staleness, you are still going to be treated to a fun, gory time full of kills and heavy music.” Bloody Disgusting

“This Iowa shot comedy horror is as metal, and as mental as you like, recalling the golden days of Troma […] DTM is dumb but fun. It’s let down by some sub-par acting, and it’s very much a local film for local people (all the guys in the bands at the festival are real musicians).” Bloody Flicks


“Overall, I dug the hell out of this campy slasher movie. The tone was perfectly metal with a dash of my favorite 80’s mutant killer tropes. You’ll dig the metal music featured throughout too, be sure to check out the credits for the songs featured. The cast and crew really brought it with this one…” Fatal Follower

“The gags aren’t always laugh out loud funny, but most of the time they’re at least amusing. While it’s not exactly another Deathgasm, Death to Metal is a fun film with blood, boobs and a priest for a beast. As an added bonus, it also has some relatable characters rather than just the usual metalhead stereotypes.” Voices from the Balcony


Death to Metal premiered at the 2019 Spooky Empire Film Festival in October 2019 and was also shown at Soho Horror Festival in London in November 2019, plus some other festivals. However, the onset of the pandemic in 2020 prevented the film from being shown on the full festival circuit.

In the US, Death to Metal will be available On-Demand via Wild Eye Releasing in December 2021.



Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Chelsea Byers … Demon Grandma / Cut Throat Goth
Dan Flannery … Father Brennan
Andrew Jessop … Milton Kilborn
Ben Johnson … Metal Minion #2
Trent Johnson … Mutated Kilborn
Neal Kapp … Bill
Nate Lang … Dead Bottle Guy
Charlie Lind … Ryan Rammer
Cherokee Mello … Metal Minion #1
Grace Melon … Mariah
Jayme Schmitt … Metal Head
Keri Schwanekamp … Passed Out Chick
Alex Stein … Zane
Steve Thompson … Carl
Sean Weis … Tony
Dean Wellman … Glen

Filming locations:

Principal photography was shot in Dubuque, Iowa, in June 2017.

Technical details:

80 minutes

Trailer 1:

Trailer 2:

Suggested double-bill:

Deathgasm (2015)

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