MOTHER/ANDROID (2021) Preview of Chloë Grace Moretz sci-fi thriller



Mother/Android is a 2021 sci-fi thriller about a young woman and her boyfriend who try to escape the new war with artificial intelligence. Days away from the arrival of their first child, they must cross a stronghold of the android uprising, in hopes of reaching safety before giving birth.

Written and directed by Mattson Tomlin. Produced by Bill Block, Rafi Crohn, Amy Greene, Adam Kassan, Charles Miller and Matt Reeves.

The 6th & Idaho Productions-Miramax co-production stars Chloë Grace Moretz, Steve M. Robertson, Raúl Castillo, Oscar Wahlberg, Algee Smith and Kate Avallone.


Release date:

Mother/Android will be available on Hulu on December 17th 2021.

Cast and character:

Chloë Grace Moretz … Georgia
Steve M. Robertson … Prisoner (as Steven Robertson)
Raúl Castillo … Arthur
Oscar Wahlberg … Derrick
Algee Smith … Sam
Kate Avallone … Dr Howe
Owen Burke … Officer Norton
Jared Reinfeldt … Connor
Kiara Pichardo … Lisa
Liam McNeill … Daniel
Tamara Hickey … Mrs Olsen
Jose Guns Alves … Shotgun Guy
Ralph Ayala … Soldier
Johnny Halloran … Android In Window
Christian Mallen … Kevin
Brian J. McDonald … Soldier
Adrian M. Mompoint … Soldier
David Arthur Sousa … Android
John Bucy … Young Soldier
Cassidy Neal … Soldier
Rocco Navarro … Soldier
Benz Veal … Patrol
Julian Karian … Soldier
Nathan Porter … Android
Gavin Walker … Young Forest
Stephen Thorne … Eli


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