FISHER (2021) Reviews and overview of internet catfishing thriller

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‘There will be a reckoning’

Fisher is a 2021 American horror-thriller about a neglected and naive teenage girl who uses the internet to deceive people for gifts. Eventually, she crosses the wrong person and things take a terrifying turn.

Written and directed by Cassandra Bryson. Executive produced by Cassandra Bryson and Brian Parks.

The Cassie B Productions-Maelstrom Films co-production stars Lilly Leann Wright, Nasim, Jessie Bell, Mia Naipaul, Blaine Rincon, Zachary Meiser and Sage Lawrence.



Fisher is a two-hour micro-budget film, and I’ll admit it feels a little overindulgent sometimes. The acting in Fisher is also a little of the good and a little of the cardboard variety. Thankfully the good performances far outnumber the iffy ones, and I’m again taken back to the issue with the length. If some of the excesses were removed, that would probably include some of the hollow parts of the acting.” 22 Indie Street

“Bryson does horror very well, with good instincts that fans will relish. She would do well to delve deeper into her talents in that genre, as creepiness pairs well with theology […] Now, if only someone can whittle Fisher down to a more manageable length.” Film Threat

“This movie was all over the place.  Felt like there was too much going on […] There were definitely things that could have been cut out.  I can see how all the pieces fit together to tell the whole story but I just feel they didn’t need so much filler […] Overall, I would recommend you watch this film.  It’s a decent story with a good premise.” Horror Flick Chicks

Fisher far exceeded my expectations on almost every level. Perhaps it could have been a little tighter in spots, but Bryson’s film gave me two hours of entertainment overall. What more could you hope for? For some, the first act and some of the second may feel a little slower-paced – but trust me, things pick up quickly.” Indy Red

“Director Cassandra Bryson does do really well with Fisher, her directorial debut, creating and crafting tension that audience members will feel through the screen, especially with whatever little cash was available. I will certainly be interested in seeing what she follows this movie with, especially if she takes note of pacing and having too many characters to follow in a singular plot.” Screen Critix


“The movie begins rather sinister, with a brutal murder. After that, the atmosphere is more relaxed during the first half of this two-hour-long feature, mainly exploring the lives of the main characters and the pace is a bit slow. Things pick up during the second half, with the intense stalking and the emotional damage it causes to Clara. Generally, the film seems overlong…” UK Film Review

Cast and characters (in credits order):

Lilly Leann Wright … Clara Banks
Nasim … Deja Parker
Jessie Bell … Betty Roberts
Mia Naipaul … Kimmy Nichols
Blaine Rincon … Frank Roberts
Zachary Meiser … Mark Banks
Sage Lawrence … Mr Green
Zachary Rodriguez-Gardner … Jacob Roberts
Alexander Chastain … Micah Green
Ginny Britto … Mean Girl
Shellyta Chatman … Dinah Knight
Caleb Comer … Student
Dakota Evans … Chad Michaels
Jeremy Hawkins … Detective Constantin
Jeffrey A. Hunter … Mr Michaels
Zach Kinsey … Marcus Daniels
Tim Neal … Radio DJ
Christopher Wilson … Cop

Filming locations:

Atlanta, Georgia
Chattanooga and Cleveland, Tennessee
St. Augustine, Florida (insert shots)

Filming dates:

24th August 2018 to 26th October 2019

Technical details:

125 minutes
Audio: Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1:85:1


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