I NEED YOU DEAD! (2020) Reviews and overview



I Need You Dead! is a 2020 comedy horror film about a young punk who finds himself at odds with a psychedelic monster of his own creation.

Written, produced, directed and edited by Rocko Zevenbergen (short: Meat Lovers).

The Bad Taste Video production stars Estevan Muñoz (Zombie Cats from Mars), Sean Abplanalp (Happy Birthday, Carol), Ada Hurtado (The Deliverance of Amy Stronghold), and Lloyd Kaufman.


“Just a warning to those with sensitive ears, this movie plays with some drone and whirring tones that may unsettle you. They totally fit the film, but the audio tone of this is incredibly abrasive in parts. While not a perfect film — what movie is? — this is a great experimental narrative and really deserves to get a bigger audience to see it.” B&S About Movies


“Great performances by Estevan Munoz, Ada Hurtado, Micheal Morrison, and more round out the edges of the story and lend more humanity to Zevenbergen’s descent into mental hell […] It’s one of the rare movies that is actually unique while also managing to be good without having cost a bajillion dollars to make.” Film Threat

“It’s a bold effort that makes for an interesting contrast between the neon drug horrors within the movies from the director’s grounded monetary and production horrors, but it felt a bit lacking. As well, despite being a focal point of the story and posters, the monster in question doesn’t really figure into the plot too often and the numerous sub-plots with the cops in real life and the actors portraying them weigh things down too much.” iHorror

“The directing features awkward camera angles and the editing is creative. Generally, the film has an 80’s B-movie feeling about it. I Need You Dead! is not for everyone and it feels overlong. However, it is a thrilling ride, that pays homage to eighties B-movies and it is a satire on drug addiction.”  UK Film Review

Technical details:

107 minutes



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