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Rose: A Love Story is a 2020 British horror film about a young woman with a violent terrifying illness living in seclusion with her husband. However, the arrival of a stranger shatters the fragile refuge they have built. Also, known as simply Rose

Directed by Jennifer Sheridan from a screenplay by Matt Stokoe – who co-stars – the movie also stars Sophie Rundle, Nathan McMullen and Olive Gray.

“The real star of the show in Rose is the plot. I want to say there is a twist or a reveal but the truth is that if you’ve been concentrating, it won’t be much of a surprise at all. It is very well done, is very frightening and gave me that warm feeling inside that only a good horror film can deliver.” Addicted to Media

“Martyna Knitter’s cinematography instils a palpable sense of dread by heightening a feeling of claustrophobia. Both leads impress, particularly Stokoe who also wrote the script. Rose: A Love Story is an intelligent and handsomely realised film from a talented filmmaker.” Backseat Mafia

Rose: A Love Story is a bold, almost Tarkovsky like attempt to integrate nature and surroundings into a story about human dilemmas. Stunningly shot, and with subtle but powerful performances from real-life husband and wife Rundle and Stokoe, the final reel reveal almost felt unnecessary; this is a film that deals with abstractions and nuance.” Dark Eyes of London

“The tight framing and cinematography increases the sense of confinement and isolation. The audience is trapped there with them. As a result, due to the connection made with the characters, you never question any of the choices they make. No matter how dangerous or absurd they may seem in the situation.” Flickfeast

“Shot in Powys, which has always done a fine job of representing the middle of nowhere, Rose: A Love Story is an example of the quiet horror that British cinema (and in the 1970s British television especially) does so well. It’s carefully paced, gentle and tender in its approach to its subject matter and the result is a moving, thoughtful piece that’s highly recommended.” House of Mortal Cinema

“Though quite watchable, Rose won’t keep viewers guessing for too long and one could argue that there isn’t enough ingenuity to make this film stand out from the competition.
It’s unfortunate as the performances by Stokoe, Rundle and Gray are compelling and the general idea is palatable.” Love Horror

“Its framework of emotional breakdown under isolation borders on the prophetic and its use of face-coverings downright uncanny. A confident and melancholic meditation on obsessional love and forced guardianship this assured debut is well worth seeking out for those who like their horrors to be grounded and cerebral.” The People’s Movies

“Everything is delivered with self-assured patience, from Martyna Knitter’s forest cinematography to Cato Hoeben’s understated score. Be wary though that Rose’s subtlety may not work for everyone. I found myself straining to get what was happening a few times in the first half of the film and I would encourage any viewer to just relax and see what unfolds…” Ready Steady Cut

“The two leads performances are tender and sweet with a steely grit beneath them when things take a turn. They play out the relatable exhausted but determined mentality of a family dealing with a chronic illness – it’s an interesting study on what it means to genuinely love someone without reservation.” We Talk Film

In the UK, Rose: A Love Story was released on digital by Signature Entertainment on Monday 5th April 2021.

In the USA, Shout! Studios and Scream Factory releases Rose: A Love Storyon all digital entertainment platforms on February 8, 2022.

Technical details:
1 hour 26 minutes


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