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‘The mighty will fall’
The Fall of the Krays is a 2016 British true-crime drama thriller film about the downfall of the East End gangster twins.

This is the sequel to The Rise of the Krays (2015) and was filmed back-to-back.

Directed by Zackary Adler (The CourierRise of the Footsoldier 3) from a screenplay co-written by Ken Brown and Sebastian Brown (The Rise of the Krays).

The movie stars Saracen Films-Torn Pictures film stars Simon Cotton, Kevin Leslie, Dan Parr and Nicola Taggart.


” …badly-timed, bit-mapped tale of the carnivorous twins. Fear, not Tom Hardy… you have not been usurped. Lamentably… no improvement on Part 1. No revelations, glaring omissions and a fair amount of fiction. More theatrical rather than cinematic.” CGiii

” …too many superfluous moving parts and nothing of true substance to engage a viewer in any way. All in all, The Fall of the Krays is one to miss. A plodding, methodical thriller that generates little to no tension and is as anti-climactic as they come, it’s ironic that this two-parter does not do justice to two of England’s most infamous lawbreakers.” Cinevue

“Reprising their roles from the original, Simon Cotton and Kevin Leslie are convincing in outstanding performances as Ronnie and Reggie […] Adler handles it with very considerable skill and determination. Even if you feel you’ve seen the story before, Adler makes you riveted to see it again, telling it straight and what feels like roughly true.” Derek Winnert

“When the violence does happen it is quite brutal and bloody, including some quite gruesome chunks of brain thrown in for good measure during Cornell’s shooting, and the feel of the 1960s is very authentic but the escalation of the events in the Kray twins’ story shown in this film also escalates the flaws in the acting and the script-writing…” Flickering Myth

“The story feels more loyal to the historical record, and the seedy portrait of Reggie’s failed marriage is far more persuasive than Legend’s romanticised version, but the acting standard here would shame an am-dram panto. At least the design – all narrow-lapel suits and nicotine-stained wood panelling – feels plausibly of the period.” The Guardian

“The crisp, concise and powerful delivery displayed in the Rise is unfortunately lost here, leaving us with just a series of events that hardly link up to one another properly and often feel as though they’ve been randomly placed without any prior build-up. This affects the story and the delivery of it in such a way that it’s hard to actually care about what happens.” Horror Cult Films

“The drama is tight, the story never lingers too long on any one aspect of their lives and when it occurs the violence is brutal and realistic. Of course, the central performances cannot match the stunning Tom Hardy performance in Legend. That was the only good thing about a movie that promised so much and failed to deliver. Here the filmmakers ensure that the finished product is consistently entertaining.” Moviescamble

“A hallmark of The Rise was that it never held back on graphic violence. Although it was obviously low-budget, it always looked realistic, which was a real tribute to the filmmakers. There is less of this in The Fall, so it is unable to fall back onto this. Instead, it tries to run deep but nearly always struggles to keep afloat. A worthy, but much less charismatic half of the duo.” Roobla

” …revels sickeningly in the East End siblings brutality and treats their various slayings and beatings like a veritable greatest hits. A slender budget, though, largely reduces Zachary Adler’s film to a series of yawn-worthy gab-athons in which Ronnie (Simon Cotton) and Reggie (Kevin Leslie) merely talk about the mayhem they’re about to unleash. It would be cartoonish if not so morally bankrupt and tasteless.” Total Film

Cast and characters:
Phil Dunster … Dickie Baker
Anita Dobson … Madge
Adrian Bouchet … Frank
James Weber Brown … Leslie
Nicola Stapleton … Violet Kray
Alexa Morden … Lisa
Josh Myers … Frankie Fraser
Simon Cotton … Ronnie Kray
Danny Midwinter … Nipper Read
Matt Slack … Bender
Kevin Leslie … Reggie Kray
George Webster … The Author
Ian Lindsay … Judge Stevenson
Sandy Batchelor … Ian Barrie
Dan Parr … Teddy Smith
Martyn Mayger … Journalist
Oengus MacNamara … Lennie
Richard Banks … Club Drinker
Ian Attard … Jack (as Ian Keir Attard)
Paul Blackwell … Photographer
Tim Chipping … Sam
Nicola Taggart … Frances Shea
John May … Hennessy
Nikolaos Brahimllari … Tony Lambrianou
Michael Instone … Angelo
Nathanjohn Carter … DS Harry Mooney
Philip Howard … Harry at the Bar
Helen Millar … Blonde Carol
Stephen McDade … Drinker
Clare McGlinn … Mrs Shea
Steve Brunton … Lennie
Martin Ross … John Du Rose

Technical details:
1 hour 56 minutes


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