HALF DEAD FRED (2022) Preview of Corin Nemic, Jason London mystery horror



Half Dead Fred is a 2022 American supernatural mystery horror film about a half-alive detective that can communicate with the dead.

Written and directed by Bron Theron (BZ Casting; PrimalRap). Produced by Melinda Bryce, Mike Dellapia, Megan Diaz, Derek Easley, Jeffrey J. Ellen, Jeramis McFadden, Jessica Revoldt and Denise Jordan Walker.

The movie stars Corin Nemic, Jason London, Tiffany Shepis, Jordan Christopher Michael, Heidi Schooler and Justin Pickering Smith.


Freddy Nash (Corin Nemec) is an alcoholic detective who was in a horrific automobile accident that took the life of his nine-year-old son and left Nash ‘half alive.’

Ever since the accident, Nash has been cursed with the ability to see and communicate with the spirits of the dead, and he and his assistant travel to Flint, Michigan to solve a murder and to find a treasure…


Release date:

To be announced.

Cast and characters:

Corin Nemec … Freddy Nash
Jason London … Mathew
Tiffany Shepis … Mary Anne
Jordan Christopher Michael … Jason Yamasaki
Heidi Schooler … Roberta Dalton
Justin Pickering Smith … Buck Stallion
Michael Della Pia … Ned aka Lenny
Bron Theron … Gus mansion
Mary Jones
Tom Harold Batchelder … Rudy
Rashida L. Hudson … Detective Dormany
Seth Hart … Bill
Robert Anderson … Doctor Monroe
Gerard Marzilli … Detective Keenan
Spring Schultz Lade … Ghost
Jeffry Morgan … Morgan Jeffries
Anthony Allen … Barry
Sarkis Bakalyan … Felix
Michael Kelly … Roger Dalton
Zachery Wood … Jake Dalton
Joe Schipani … James
Amy Diaz … Debbie Dalton
Emma Safari … Sarah
Travis Ricketts … young Jake Dalton
J. Marty Dormany … Hank Rogerson
Chad Newsome … Brett
Kat Nguyen … Lynn Lu
Nicky Romaniello … Rudy Ledbetter


On location interview:

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