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Alligator II: The Mutation will be released on Blu-ray in North America by Scream Factory on February 22nd 2022.

Bonus Features
New 4K Scan Of The Original Camera Negative
New From The Echo Lake Lagoon – An Interview With Director Jon Hess
New Dead In The Water – An Interview With Special Effects Coordinator John Eggett
New Cutting With Teeth – An Interview With Editor Marshall Harvey
New Become The Hunted – An Interview With Actor Kane Hodder
New Blood Brothers – An Interview With Second Unit Director Eugene Hess
Theatrical Trailer

Here’s our overview of the movie itself:

‘It erupted from the bowels of the city in a lethal frenzy.’

Alligator II: The Mutation is a 1991 American sci-fi horror film about the titular creature that makes a city lake his new feeding ground – he must be stopped before he breaks out into the local surroundings on a rampage. Also known as Alligator 2.

The movie is obviously a sequel to Alligator (1980).

Directed by Jon Hess (Legion; Watchers; Not of This World) from a screenplay by Curt Allen (Walking the Edge. Produced by Brandon Chase.

The Group 1 Films-Golden Hawk Entertainment production stars Joseph Bologna (Transylvania 6-5000), Steve Railsback (Lifeforce), Dee Wallace (The Howling) and Richard Lynch (Bad Dreams). Horror icon Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th franchise) makes an appearance.

Deep in the sewers beneath the city of Regent Park, a baby alligator feeds on the experimental animals discarded by Future Chemicals Corporation. Nourished by the toxic growth hormones and other mutating chemicals, the gator grows immense in size … and voracious in appetite. Now, it must kill to survive! It’s a classic confrontation between man and beast.

“Lacking the wit and indeed the scares of the original…” BBC

“This was a campy, decent B-movie. When Richard Lynch shows up as the Cajun hunter, the movie comes to life. It had a great ending too. If you can’t defeat a gator using wimpy science, there’s always the army surplus store.” Dr Gore’s Movie Reviews

Alligator II: The Mutation is less a sequel than a lackluster remake” Empire

Alligator II: The Mutation is a bit better than many of the DTV flicks […] in part because it features real actors and zero CG. (You’d be surprised how often these cheap sequels rely on CG for their shenanigans.) That doesn’t make it a good movie, though, as it’s a lazy, mostly unfunny retread that’s devoid of thrills and pales beside the 1980 original.” /Film

“Bologna gets to rattle off plenty of sarcastic one-liners and the film revels in the more cliched moments instead of trying to swerve around them. It’s an approach that works, for me anyway. The movie may not win any awards for originality or believability, but it’s consistently fun from start to finish.” For It Is Man’s Number

“The acting is decent (Dee Wallace is a legend) but with such an unmemorable story it really doesn’t stand out. The biggest flaw with this movie is just how dialogue heavy it is, the ‘gator is rarely on screen and we often get POV shots. It’s so disappointing… if you’re going to base your movie around a mutated giant Alligator, you have to make sure it’s the star of the show!” Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

” …while the original played many of the cliches with tongue planted in cheek, this plays everything straight. Hero Joseph Bologna at least gets into some of the spirit of the original and gives an amusingly hard-headed performance. Most disappointingly, we only get a cut-price alligator that is rarely seen on screen and only ever in brief shots when it is.” Moria

“Instead of Robert Forster’s all-time great idiosyncratic performance, you get Joseph Bologna going through the motions of a story that was more swiftly executed the first time around. You also get another large alligator going through its motions (in some cases, the exact motions since footage from the original is sometimes reused) too. However, the PG-13 rating this time around tames the carnage significantly…” Oh, the Horror!

“The original Alligator was a cult delight: John Sayles had a hand in the witty dialogue, while the actors kept their tongues firmly in cheek. This sequel reprises the basic plot – mutant reptile wreaks havoc in suburbia – but it’s tame stuff, despite a pretty good cast (Joseph Bologna, Dee Wallace Stone, Richard Lynch). The creature isn’t particularly scary, either.” Radio Times

“There are so many cool scenes in the original film that one would think that a sequel would try to top them all. But this dud of a motion picture fails… miserably […] Even the gator effects are shit and pale in comparison to some of the coolest gator spots from the previous outing.” Talking Pulp

“While there are some attempts at the same level of humor that the original movie wove perfectly into its narrative, this script just can’t make it work and quite frankly no one else can, either. The cast is full of professionals who have previously delivered great work, but none of them manage to leave the kind of impression the characters in the first film did.” The Terrible Claw Reviews

“The attack sequences are perfunctory and tend to get lost among the unwieldy amount of personal subplots that are shoehorned into the story. One feels less tension than pity for the actors, including Bologna (whose sense of humor goes largely untapped) and Stone (a long way from The Howling and Cujo, much less E.T.). Directed like a TV movie by Jon Hess with cinematography to match by the once-dependable Joseph Mangine…” TV Guide

Choice dialogue:
Officer David Hodges [Joseph Bologna]: “Look, I understand that you’re professionals, but this is not a professional alligator!”


Main cast and characters:
Joseph Bologna … Officer David Hodges
Dee Wallace … Christine Hodges
Richard Lynch … Hawk Hawkins
Woody Brown … Rich Harmon
Holly Gagnier … Sheri Anderson
Bill Daily … Mayor Anderson
Steve Railsback … Vincent ‘Vinnie’ Brown
Brock Peters … Chief Clarence Speed
Trevor Eyster … J.J. Hodges
Vojislav Govedarica … Carmen
Buckley Norris … Doc
Julian Reyes … Reuben Ruiz
Deborah White … Lynn Holly
Bill Anderson … Timekeeper
Harlan Arnold … J.A. Luco
John Asker … Guidry
Ray Bickel … Older Cop
Elkanah Burns … Real Estate Broker
Bob Cady … D.J. Jackhammer
Dorothy Ching … Chili Girl
David Correia … Officer Mejia
Nicolas Cowan … Felipe
Raquel Elizondo … Maria
Linda Fetters … Tanya
Carmen Filpi … Wino Henry
Chavo Guerrero … Ramon
Evelyn Guerrero … Elena
Kane Hodder … Billy “Billy Boy” Hawkins
Jon Paul Jones … James
Alan Marcus … Joe Mac
Tania Mejia … Gina
Ralph Meyering Jr. … Horner

Filming locations:

Technical details:
1 hour 32 minutes
Audio: Ultra Stereo
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1


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