DEEP SHOCK (2003) Reviews and overview of giant eels movie



Deep Shock is a 2003 American science fiction action horror film about a mysterious rift that has formed on the ocean floor. Soon, a deadly species of creature emerges from the depths.

Directed by Phillip J. Roth [as Paul Joshua Rubin] (Dark Waters; Maximum Velocity; Boa; Velocity Trap) from a screenplay co-written with Brian Mammett and Jeff Rank (Python 2). Produced by Jeffery Beach, Phillip J. Roth, T.J. Sakasegawa and Plamen Voynovsky.

The movie stars David Keith, Simmone Jade Mackinnon, Mark Sheppard, Sean Whalen, Armando Valdés, Bob Zachar, Richard Gnolfo, Todd Kimsey and Tyrone Pinkham.


When an unknown underwater object disables an American nuclear-powered submarine and attacks a submerged Arctic research complex called Hubris, a scientific expedition flies to the North Pole to investigate these incidents as well as the sudden, inexplicable rise in temperature that threatens to melt the ice cap and flood the surface of the world…




” …the production is competent, with the story moving along nicely and no real dead spots. The actors do well with what they have, but really only stand out well in comparison to their Abyss counterparts. The CGI is pretty decent throughout, you’re not going to be fooled by the eels, but the underwater stuff is pretty good.” Beckoning Chasm  

“You rent a flick called Deep Shock and expect giant eels to be attacking. Well, that’s what I expected. Instead, I got a hokey, moronic, painful waste of a movie […] The eels looked like the dragon from Never Ending Story. They did not look like eels. They shoot lightning bolts out of their heads! What?” Dr Gore’s Movie Reviews

“Basically, it is a lot of silly nonsense. The Film tries to be serious. The Film tries to be deep. The Film wants you to know how important it is. To be honest, it’s… well, not. It is as serious and deep as one about Electric Eels that are Aliens who want to kill us. That’s a low bar to step over.” Mondo Bizarro


“Check out the cover at the beginning of the review and look at that badass monster. Pretty cool, right?  Well, sadly, that isn’t what we get on display here […] these look nothing like eels and instead come off looking like a combination of Chinese dragons mixed with Jimmy Walker. Yes, I demand realism when it comes to my intelligent underwater space alien eels.”

Cast and characters:

David Keith … Captain Andrew (Andy) Raines
Simmone Jade Mackinnon … Doctor Anne Fletcher
Mark Sheppard … Chomsky
Sean Whalen … Arciero
Armando Valdés … Protas
Bob Zachar … Michael
Richard Gnolfo … Rodgers
Todd Kimsey … Hurst
Tyrone Pinkham … Beach
Jeffrey Rank … Helmsman
D.J. Johnson … Sonar man
Velizar Binev … Doctor Pashe
Anatoly Nechev … French G-8 representative
Ivailo Geraskov … Russian G-8 representative
Alvin Poteat … Pilot
Jeff Rank … Helmsman

Filming locations:

Sofia, Bulgaria

Technical details:

1 hour 29 minutes


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