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‘Three times the terror.’
Cerberus is a 2005 fantasy action horror film about a band of mercenaries that set out to uncover Attila the Hun’s lost Sword of Mars. However, in order to do so, they first have to get past Cerberus, a huge three-headed hound from Hell! Promoted as Cerberus: The Guardian of Hell.

Directed by John Terlesky (Fire Serpent; Written in Blood; Judgment Day 1999) from a screenplay co-written by Raul Inglis (Jabberwock; Goblin; Sand Serpents; Ghouls; The Thing Below) and John Terlesky. Produced by Neil Elman, Lisa M. Hansen and Vicki L. Sawyer.

The CineTel Films-Sci Fi Pictures production stars Greg Evigan (Terror Birds; Megaconda; 100 Million BC; Hoboken Hollow; House of the Damned 1996; DeepStar Six), Sebastian Spence, Emmanuelle Vaugier (Don’t Look There; Unearthed; Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell; Ripper; Shapeshifter; The Fear: Resurrection), Brent Florence, Michael Cory Davis, Garret T. Sato, KB Nau and Chuck Caudill, Jr.

Visual effects by Hidden Fortress.


” …the only way to kill Cerberus is with the Sword of Mars. Cerberus’ death happens so fast and is treated as such a non-event that it only pounds home what a pointless bore the whole film had been. Don’t worry about putting this dog to sleep because this dog of a film is guaranteed to put you to sleep first.” Dread Central

“Even the special effects are ultra-kitschy and somewhat shoddy, but that just adds to the overall air of b-movie silliness. Following a second act lull in which our heroes are stuck underground, Cerberus kicks in with a rather kinetic third act that delivers solid handfuls of eye candy without taxing the brain. Fun junk is what it is, provided you don’t take Cerberus even remotely seriously.” DVD Talk

“John Terlesky’s direction is competent, if not inspired, Greg Evigan made for an okay bad guy, Sebastian Spence was a decent hero, Emmanuelle Vaugier is always easy to look at. The problem, of course, is that you just can’t compare this movie to other Sci-Fi originals as it has to stand its own, and therein Cerberus just collapses because it is so, well, lazy.” Film Critics United

” …Cerberus is a decent time, with likeable leads, a script that assumes nobody in its audience will know who and what Cerberus, Orpheus, or a f*cking lyre are and therefore makes all its characters so badly educated they need Emmanuelle Vaugier to exposit to them a lot (well, she has a pleasant exposition voice), and last but not least a three-headed dog that looks as if it really should keel over a lot.” The Horror!?


” …Cerberus comes filled with a good deal of gratuitous low-budget action scenes – various car chases and shootouts. There are also several silly digital gore effects with characters having their hands severed and legs bitten off to stumps. The plot is all over the place as a story – in fact, more time is spent on the immortal villain with the sword (Greg Evigan) than there ever is the three-headed dog.” Moria

” …pretty straightforward Sci-Fi Channel junk, and is better than their bottom of the well productions, but still had many areas that could have been improved. Should you watch it? If you enjoy this stuff, but there are much better films that are enjoyable in this genre, and much better films that are terrible and better to make fun of in this genre.” Tars Tarkas


Plot [may contain spoilers]:
Marcus Cutter (Greg Evigan) and a group of mercenaries steal Attila the Hun’s breastplate from a museum in Bucharest, Romania. They kill the curator Professor Radu (Gelu Nitu) before escaping by helicopter.

Meanwhile, Samantha Gaines (Emmanuelle Vaugier), Professor Radu’s best student, organises an exhibition in New York City. While she awaits the breastplate, her brother Zach is abducted because Cutter and his men need her support.

The breastplate is presumed to lead to a legendary Sword of Mars, which makes its owner invincible. Samantha deciphers the inscriptions and finds where the item is hidden. Unfortunately, the three-headed dog Cerberus who protects it is more than a legend.


Once Cutter gets his hands on the sword itself he kills everybody who gets in his way, including former Korean general Kul Jae Sung (Garret Sato), who originally paid him to deliver the weapon. Samantha has to tackle the momentarily invincible Cutter and the actually immortal beast Cerberus at the same time.

Choice dialogue:
Marcus Cutter [Greg Evigan]: “Who let the dog out?”


Filming locations:
MediaPro Studios, Bucharest, Romania

Filming dates:
29th July 2004 – 25th August 2004

Technical details:
1 hour 32 minutes


Cerberus – Mythological hellhound

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