I AM MORTAL (2021) Review of genetic vaccine immortality sci-fi – with release news



‘In an immortal world, to truly live you have to fight to die’

I Am Mortal is a 2021 science fiction film set in the future when the human race has achieved immortality through a genetic vaccine. But in this seemingly utopian society, a band of rebels fight the status quo to reclaim their right to die. Also known as 2235: I Am Mortal and The Code.

Written and directed by Tony Aloupis (Safelight). Produced by Cory Neal, Austin Swift and James T. Volk.

The movie stars Sean Gunn, Eloise Smyth, Abraham Lewis, Lauren Lindsey Donzis, John Harlan Kim, Nina Kiri, Matthew Bellows and Jasmine Carmichael.


” …Mortal somewhat exceeds expectations. It is better than most Hunger Games clones but lacks the style of the better good-looking, youthful films in the genre (such as Equals). It’s totally watchable, but you should definitely revisit “Obsolete Man” sometime soon. For teens who still think dystopia is new…” J.B. Spins

” …a promising, philosophical and socially critical film that deals with the question of whether the dream of a sheltered, immortal life is worth leading it as a completely emotionless empty shell without self-determination […] Despite an interesting topic, the staging of the highlights is unfortunately not particularly successful and the lack of tension and logic errors mean that the film only ends up in being mediocre…” Movie Break 5.5/10 [Translated from German]


The film premiered in Los Angeles, California on November 18th 2021.

In the USA, I Am Mortal will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and On-Demand (VOD) by RLJE Films on March 1st 2022.

Cast and characters:

Abraham Lewis … Logos
Eloise Smyth … Akae
Sean Gunn … The Pilot
Lauren Lindsey Donzis … Amanda
John Harlan Kim … Armaros
Nina Kiri … Medorin
Matthew Bellows … Masim
Jasmine Carmichael … Psuker
Jan Uddin … Arcade
Nash Grier … Gergot
Nia Sioux … Sonitas
Chiara D’Ambrosio … Siona
Bianca D’Ambrosio … Suria
Jenna Viana … Chasan
Kiki Carney … Eloi
Joe Krieg … Tagas


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