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They Live in the Grey is a 2022 supernatural horror film about a young social worker who must stop an evil entity – it is tormenting the family that she was investigating in order to save the parents from losing custody of their child. Also known as The Uncanny

Written and directed by Abel Vang and Burlee Vang. Produced by Stephen Stanley, Abel Vang and Burlee Vang.

The Standoff Pictures-Whiskey Stream Productions movie stars Michelle Krusiec, Ken Kirby, Madelyn Grace, Audrey Moore, Ellen Wroe, J.R. Cacia, Bernard Bullen and Cami Stor.



” …you feel every single second of the 123-minute duration, which is at least a half-hour above an average, acceptable length when treading in this territory. The film features so many stretches of silence or drawn-out moments meant to extend mood that I would have given my kingdom for a feature to bump up the playback speed just so I could get on with excessive scenes of ugly crying, vacant gazes, and frowning expressions on the brink of one more emotional meltdown.” 45/100, Culture Crypt

“Thematically, They Live in The Grey touches challenging subject matter, and there are plenty of interesting elements to be found here, but I found the film losing my attention consistently. What’s here is short film material, stretched thin, without the attention to detail or characters to fulfil the feature runtime.” 5/10, Explosion Network

” …another classy effort on the Shudder streaming platform, properly scary and thoughtfully constructed, with unusual editing and framing sleights of hand, co-directed by Hmong-American brothers Abel and Burlee Vang. But Grey also serves an emotionally devastating study of grief, one anchored by a wrenching lead performance from Michelle Krusiec…” 4/5, The Guardian

“You should watch it because it’s a solid and strong horror movie, that grabs a hold of you and puts you through the wringer. If you, on the other hand, don’t want to watch it because the main cast is Asian-American, then that’s exactly why this movie is so necessary and makes for a nice (and important) change.” 4/5, Heaven of Horror

“Running an often excruciating two hours in length, the premise feels stretched thin well before approaching the rather predictable conclusion. Most frustrating of all, in both its quieter moments and the brutality of the horror that peeks out, They Live in the Grey glimmers with promise. The cast is game for anything thrown their way, but a feet-dragging script lets them down at every turn.” 2.5/5, Josh at the Movies

” …while Claire keeps her feelings to herself, the film doesn’t use any of the tools of cinema to extract those feelings and convey them to the audience through images. Instead, we just get a bunch of sub-Sixth Sense ghostly encounters. One of these involves a police officer killed in the line of duty who keeps asking Claire “What day is it?” After the two-plus hours of dreariness that is They Live in the Grey, it’s a question you may well find yourself asking.” The Movie Waffler

“While the pacing at times can feel a little long, They Live in the Grey is a raw and honest look at grief and marital woes. The haunted houses are manifestations of the human characters’ severe pain and their unhealthy coping mechanisms. Sure, this movie has scares. More importantly, however, it has human characters at its center going through intense issues.” Signal Horizon

“I can respect what the Vangs were trying to do with They Live in the Grey and it’s not without its good moments. But the film’s lack of a clear vision of what it wants to be and excessive length make it a failed effort.” 2.5/5, Voices from the Balcony

“It’s possible that it’s so respectful of its subject and themes that it rather tiptoes around when it should be confidently striding for the heart of the matter. At times it hits the sweet spot where it is fraught with both fear and emotional weight, but its lopsided pacing leaves us wishing those genuinely powerful moments are more frequent than they are.” 3/5, The Wee Review

Release date:

They Live in the Grey is available for streaming via Shudder from February 17th 2022.

Cast and characters:

Michelle Krusiec … Claire Yang
Ken Kirby … Actor
Madelyn Grace … Sophie
Audrey Moore … Jane
Ellen Wroe … Audrey
J.R. Cacia … Giles Lang
Bernard Bullen … Arthur
Cami Storm … Mrs Diaz
Ian Stanley … Frank
Patrick Hume … Hanson
Naomi Matsuda … Principal Susan Maeda
Krystle Martin … Ghost Officer
Mercedes Manning … The Woman
Paige Simons … Amber / The Woman
Kevin Indio Copeland … Frank / Boyfriend
Billy Khoury … Beckett
Ray Julian Torres … Funeral Director
Skylar St. John … Chris

Technical details:

2 hours 3 minutes (!)
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1


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