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‘Jason Voorhees isn’t the only monster lurking in the woods.’
Freak is a 2020 American horror film about a group of young people being stalked and killed by a monster in the woods.

Written, directed by and co-starring Lucky Cerruti (Symbolicus Vol 2; Kindness of Strangers). Produced by Robin Cerruti and Jessica Fisher.

The Dead Vision Production movie stars Jameson Batt, Dorran Boucher, Lucky Cerruti, Annachristi Cordes, Leslie Dame, Matthewi Sorenson and Hope Stamper.

A bloody legend becomes all too real for a group of young people heading out for a weekend of camping and partying. Will they survive what waits for them in the woods?


Freak might have low marks in acting, but the self-labeled C-movie has straight up, grade-A kills. We’re not talking about a simple knife to the gut or a slice across the throat here. Arthur Crenshaw doesn’t quite know when to stop as that single slice turns into two slices, three slices, four slices, and on and on until the who head hangs barely on the sinew attaching the head to the rest of the body.” It’s Bloggin Evil!

” …Freak is bloody, unpretentious fun. It gleefully provides exactly what audiences anticipate from the material. Even during its more formula-heavy instances its technical deftness and admiration for the genre is endearing […] Cerruti proves both the continued prowess of the classic horror tradition and the immortal, awe-inspiring joy of the indie filmmaking spirit.” 4 out of 5, Without Your Head


In the USA, Wild Eye Releasing unleashed Freak in May 2022 on DVD and VOD. Rent or buy via Amazon

Cast and characters:
Jameson Batt … Henry
Dorran Boucher … Ryan
Lucky Cerruti … Justin
Annachristi Cordes … Kendra
Leslie Dame … Diane
Matthewi Sorenson … John
Hope Stamper … Brooke
Kent Streed … Mr Crenshaw
Sasha Van Cott … Jenna
Hunter Wilson … Jake

Filming locations:
Onchiota, New York

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