THE FOURTH MUSKETEER (2022) Reviews and overview of action adventure movie

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‘One for all, all for one.’

The Fourth Musketeer is a 2022 British adventure film in which young d’Artagnan travels from rural Gascony to Paris. Once there he becomes embroiled in a devious plot between the King’s Musketeers and the Guardsmen of Cardinal Richelieu.

Written, produced and directed by Steve Lawson (Jekyll and HydeRipper Untold; Bram Stoker’s Van Helsing; Saltwater: The Battle for Ramree IslandThe Haunting of AlcatrazPentagramThe Exorcism of Karen WalkerHellriserKillerSaurusNocturnal Activity), loosely based on Alexandre Dumas’ 1844 novel Les Trois Mousquetaires.

The Creativ Studios production stars Sean Cronin, Ciaron Davies, Ade Dimberline, Jonathan Hansler, Mollie Hindle and Richard Ingle.

“Ingram-Jones and Hansler, in their own way, bring a certain degree of realism to the character. There is much that can be said for the work both Ingram-Jones and Hansler put into their character. It is easy to see, noting how experienced Hansler’s d’Artagnan has become, the inexperience Ingram-Jones portrays in his characterisation.”

“Unfortunately, scenes are dragged out to the extreme, with what should be short conversations becoming monologues, seemingly to pad the time out to accommodate the lack of action. And whilst the characters are well written, the fact that the cast doesn’t have the bombastic, almost “Shakespearean” like acting ability of those that have come before in the classic adaptations…” Nerdly


” …the story is told so very slow and messy that it is not only difficult to keep your attention but sometimes also to place the puzzle pieces […] Messy, not at all entertaining and sometimes even annoying to watch. No, The Fourth Musketeer is most definitely not a recommendation.” 3/10 Seal_Team1138

“Maybe if the film had enough of a budget to stage some swordfights or even a few fistfights it might have had a chance. But The Fourth Musketeer is almost all talk which utterly defeats the purpose of filming it in the first place […] When Lawson finally gives the audience what they want and lets the actors go at it the film is two-thirds over and it’s a horribly choreographed, slow-motion brawl that lacks any excitement.” 1 out of 5 Voices from the Balcony

In the UK, High Fliers released The Fourth Musketeer on DVD and on Amazon Prime to rent or buy on 7th March 2022.

Cast and characters:
Sean Cronin … Rochefort
Ciaron Davies … Guardsman
Ade Dimberline … Athos
Jonathan Hansler … Old d’Artagnan
Mollie Hindle … Milady
Richard Ingle … Porthos
Matt Ingram-Jones … Young d’Artagnan
Chris Lines … d’Artagnan’s Father
Nathan McGowran … Philippe
Melvyn Rawlinson … Treville
Morgan Rees-Davies … Aramis


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