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‘Your life is at steak’

Some Like It Rare is a 2021 French dark comedy horror film about a married couple of butchers who accidentally kill a vegan.

Directed by and co-starring Fabrice Eboué from a screenplay co-written with Vincent Solignac.

The movie also stars Marina Foïs, Jean-François Cayrey and Lisa De Couto Texeira.


Sophie and Vincent’s small butcher shop is on the brink of bankruptcy and their marriage is falling apart. Their lives are turned upside down when Vincent accidentally kills a vegan activist who vandalized their shop.

Overwhelmed and terrified of being accused of murder, their only solution is to get rid of the body by turning it into ham… To their surprise the ham is so popular that it may save their business… that is if they’re ready to keep “hunting!



“Now, this is no Eating Raoul — what is — but I had fun watching it.” B&S About Movies

“From the likes of Sweeney Todd to Delicatessen, the concept of the butcher with a little extra is one which has proven to be popular. Some Like It Rare uses this conceit well, mixing dark and arch comedy with a fair smattering of blood. Although Fabrice Eboué’s film doesn’t really break any new ground, it plays on a number of current social issues to create an entertaining satire.” Backseat Mafia

Some Like it Rare is definitely an unusual film but it’s one that will keep you laughing throughout […] the film should be commended for doing something a bit different. It does bring back memories of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s Delicatessen but it differentiates itself by putting a social commentary spin on the plot, and it’s much funnier.” 3.5/5 Entertainment Focus

” …the film takes satirical jabs, some more successful than others, at polite society. In the end, there’s not really enough here to make a meal of, but Some Like It Rare is an enjoyable bit of light entertainment with a spicy aftertaste.” 3/5 Eye for Film

“There are important arguments and messages to take from the project, they’re a little hidden by the funny presentation, but offer plenty for audiences to chew on. A horror for herbivores, Some Like it Rare is a beautifully seasoned melting pot of warring morals and ideas about the meat industry, one that never takes itself too seriously.” 4/5 The Hollywood News

“Eboué’s script is deadpan hilarious about a lot of tricky subjects […] but directs with taste and tact even in the gorier, more outrageous stretches. Like many stories on this pattern, it has trouble with the landing…” The Kim Newman Web Site

“Eboué’s film is a sumptuous exercise in bad taste and that works to its advantage. The irreverent humour never played goofily, is as welcome as a tasty morsel swimming in gravy […] The irony that vegan meat is addictive and succulent is amusing enough, but there are plenty more situations and commentary to provide the laughs.” 4/5 Starburst


In the UK, Some Like It Rare will be released on Digital by Signature Entertainment on 21st March 2022.

Cast and characters:

Marina Foïs … Sophie Pascal
Fabrice Eboué … Vincent Pascal
Jean-François Cayrey … Marc Brachard
Lisa Do Couto Texeira … Chloé Pascal
Virginie Hocq … Stéphanie Brachard
Victor Meutelet … Lucas
Stéphane Soo Mongo … Gendarme Ntamack
Nicolas Lumbreras … Joshua
Alexia Chardard … Héméra
Franck Migeon … Camille
Colette Sodoyez … Mme Coignard
Ted Etienne … Stéphane
Roby Schinasi … Alexandre
Alexis Pujol … First Vegan
Tom Pezier … Winnie
Sébastien Chartier … Yoga man

Technical details:

1 hour 27 mins

Original title:



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