12 HOURS (2022) Review of sci-fi action-fantasy movie

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12 Hours is a 2022 sci-fi action-fantasy film that follows a survival game in a Matrix-like virtual world against various challenges… including a terrifying monster. Also known as Polar Pursuit

Directed by Guanhua Han, the Chinese production stars Aarif Rahman (Kung Fu Yoga; Tales of Mystery; Bruce Lee, My Brother; Frozen), Qu Jingjing (The Wandering Earth; The Big Shot), Dong Wenjun (Dynasty Warriors; Horror Floor) and Clara Lee (Kill The Monster; Some Like It Hot and sequel), Temur Mamisashvili, Yunxi Wei and Kaicheng Yang.


” …a beautifully made Science Fiction Action Movie, with a great villain, likeable heroes, a few interesting ideas, and, yes, good Wire Fu. It is wildly entertaining and a joy to watch […] So if you are in the mood for some high-energy action in a cool VR setting, you could do a lot worse than 12 Hours.” Rivets on the Poster


The movie was released in China on February 1st 2022.

Original title:

极地追击 “Polar Pursuit”



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