EVIL BONG 888: INFINITY HIGH (2022) Reviews and overview

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‘The final flick in the far-out Evil Bong series’
Evil Bong 888: Infinity High is a 2022 American comedy film and the eighth (and final?) entry in the Full Moon Features franchise.

Directed and co-produced by Charles Band. Also produced by Nakai Nelson.

The movie stars Diana Prince, Sonny Carl Davis, Elina Madison, Cody Renee Cameron, Robin Sydney, John Reinke, Noelle Ann Mabry, Circus-Szalewski, Harrison Sweeney and Caleb Hurst.

When he’s finally given a chance to go legit by opening a restaurant, Rabbit (series regular Sonny Carl Davis) can’t stop himself from sliding back to his old ways. With EeBee as his Master Chef, weed is definitely on the menu and this high-end joint is the toke of the town. Staffed with tons of familiar faces and fan-favourite buds, will Rabbit end on a high note? Or will he be chopped by the cops in a kitchen nightmare that goes up in smoke?”

Despite the absolute awfulness of every entry, this feeble franchise is pretty much critic-proof which means that fans will lap up whatever vomit is served to them. And Evil Bong 888 is certainly chunder. This one is even worse than Evil Bong 666 (the Frankenstein-themed one) and Evil Bong 777 (the one in Las Vegas) because for the most part it lacks even their vaguely anarchic surreal appeal.

Set in high-class restaurant ‘Le Lapin Haut’ on L.A.’s repugnantly gauche Rodeo Drive (green-screened behind) which Rabbit (Sonny Carl Davis) now apparently owns, the ‘plot’ is little more than just under an hour’s worth of crass vignettes. Diana Prince wobbles about as the Maitre DD (never mind that the double-DDs are patently falsies), dirty old man Rabbit ogles the young female cell-phone obsessed customers (three of whom gleefully abandon all their clothes after a taste of weed, natch), chef Sal Monella is German (cue tired “kraut” and “schnitzel” jokes), there are some especially trashy Beverly Hillbillies, an obnoxious “Karen” who complains constantly, annoying airheads Barbie and Kendra, the two stoner ghosts from the previous movies, EeBee simply cusses repeatedly and makes barbed jibes at Rabbit (same old, same old)… and all that’s on the haute cuisine menu is ‘weenie beanies’…

If you’re a fan of Evil Bong movies you’ll doubtless watch 888, despite it being even cheaper and worse than the last two. Full Moon will take your money and you may even get a smile or two in exchange. At least you’ll know what you’re in for and may even enjoy it. Everyone else on the planet is advised to stay well clear. And, also avoid real-life Rodeo Drive too for that matter. Ugh.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

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Cast and characters:
Whitney Moore … Waitress
Diana Prince … Thomasina (Tom) Atkins
Cody Renee Cameron … Barbie
Robin Sydney … Kendra
Sonny Carl Davis … Rabbit
Elina Madison … Rhonda Vu
Christiana Cinn … Self
Bree Essrig … Waitress
John Patrick Jordan … Larnell
Libbie Higgins … Karen
Allan Wayne Anderson … First Cop
John Reinke … Self
Alan Maxson … The Gingerdead Man’s mouth/The Gingerweed Man’s mouth
Circus-Szalewski … Redneck
Noelle Ann Mabry … Crack Head
Michelle Mais … Ebee’s voice
Taylor Dare
Kaius Harrison … Redder Neck
Del Howison … Customer
Brooks Davis … Gingerweed Man (voice)
Keep Chambers … Self
Adam Noble … Stoner Ghost #2
Bobby Ramos … Gingerdead Man (voice)
Caleb Hurst … Stoner Ghost #1
Thomas Fairell … Second Cop
Israel Sharpe … Sal Monella


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